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Gifts & Souvenirs in Malta and Gozo

Hosting an event? Invited to a party or a special occasion? Thinking of the perfect gifts or souvenirs to give may be quite a headache. This is where Yellow comes in! Check out the range of souvenir and gift shops in Malta and explore the wide assortment of innovative and artistic gifts you can buy for your family or friends.

When do you give gifts or souvenirs?

Special occasions will pop up throughout the year and they always bring a certain predicament with them. What gift should you buy? What souvenir should you give your guests? No matter what the occasion is, you'll find themed gifts and souvenirs for weddings and engagements, Christening, Holy Communion and Confirmation parties, baby showers and housewarming parties, graduation, retirement and birthday parties, anniversary gifts, thank you favours, and gifts for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Gift shops in Malta offer gifts suitable for all ages and gifts for men, women and kids alike.

What gifts and souvenirs will you find at gift shops in Malta?

From corporate items to promote your brand, to sentimental, religious, and wedding souvenirs, the vast selection of gifts you can buy for your next occasion is endless. Here are some popular gifts and souvenirs found in souvenir stores around Malta and Gozo:

  • Office supplies & stationery items: pens, notepads, calendars and desk organisers
  • Silverware & glassware: photo frames and champagne glasses
  • Clothing items: t-shirts, hoodies, beachwear, ties and scarves, underwear, aprons, caps and hats
  • Home gifts: clocks, ornaments, pottery items, ceramic gifts and other handcrafted products
  • Jewellery & accessories: watches, wallets and purses, bags and flasks
  • Electronics: digital photo frames and innovative gadgets
  • Wedding souvenirs: candles, wine openers, coaster sets, salt and pepper sets and much more

Other gifts or souvenirs you can find at gift shops include key rings, mugs, soft toys, magnets, money boxes, and other fun trinkets for your home.

If you're truly at a loss on what to buy, despite going around a large number of shops, you may consider giving gift vouchers, giving the recipient the freedom to choose what he wants.

Maltese souvenirs found at gift shops

Are you a tourist looking for Maltese souvenirs to take back home with you? Or looking for wedding souvenirs? A number of souvenir shops offer traditional Maltese nougat, honey rings, carob sweets, and other items to satisfy your sweet tooth. Gozitan peppered cheese, sun dried tomatoes and capers are also popular souvenirs you can buy from gift stores.

Other Maltese souvenirs which are commonly used as wedding souvenirs include home-made jams and marmalades in various flavours, liqueurs and olive oil.

Other party items found at gift shops

Apart from an array of gifts and souvenirs, some gift shops also offer party goods, including decorations, confetti, balloons, tableware and sparklers. However, for a comprehensive service, check out the party shops listed on Yellow.

What services are offered by gift shops in Malta?

  • Some gift shops have online portals which enable you to shop for all your gifts from the comfort of your sofa
  • Gift shops may offer delivery to your requested address
  • Engraving on metal and glass products, such as keychains, glasses and pendants
  • Printing on t-shirts, mugs, caps, pens, umbrellas and other surfaces to create personalised gifts for your loved ones which will surely be appreciated

Top tips for choosing the right gift

Do you have a birthday coming up? Have you been scratching your head for the past week? Each year brings with it a new dilemma, so we've put together some tips to help you choose the best gift for your loved ones:

  • Make a list of all the things they like and are fond of. Do they love travelling? Are they a fan of a specific movie? Do they like decorating their home? Making a list will help you in your gift choice.
  • Choose something meaningful which would remind the recipient of your relationship and any memories you may have together.
  • Steer away from cliched gifts as it reflects little effort on your end. Try to be creative and show that you truly care about them.
  • The right gift doesn't need to be expensive. A handmade card may be more appreciated than an expensive bottle of perfume since it would have required more effort to create.
  • Try to personalise the gift if possible- even a small note at the back of a frame will do the trick.
  • Rather than giving them a gift, organise an event, if you know they've been wanting to visit a specific place or watch a specific band.
  • Listen to what they casually mention in conversation throughout the year as something they need or want will come up. Take notes and assess the list when the time comes, to make sure the recipient hasn't bought certain items in the meantime.
  • When you don't know the recipient so much, don't hesitate in asking family or friends for opinions.

What are you waiting for to buy those gifts or souvenirs for your next occasion? Apart from gift shops, toy shops and stationers may also provide a selection of last-minute gifts.

Short of ideas? Check out romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day, fun gifts for Secret Santa, special gifts for Women's Day, DIY gifts for Father's Day and the perfect Christmas gifts for some ideas. 


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