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Secret Santa gift ideas for all types of people

by Yellow

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We all love secret Santa! What we don't like is getting stuck with someone we're not all too accustomed to. Fear not, we've got you covered. Here are the 10 personalities you'll find in every squad and what to get them for Christmas!


Dining gift vouchers
What's better to get a foodie than food? Score your buddy a dining voucher at a fancy restaurant or hotel and let them indulge in food till their belts are unbuckling on their own accord.

If you know your receiver has an inkling for spicy foods, chocolate or sour items, why not get them a hamper? These little bundles of joy will require effort on your end but they'll be surely cherished at the end of the day.


Kitchen appliances

If the foodie in question has a cooking thumb then get them a kitchen appliance you know they've had their eyes on for a while. This way, they can cook their favourite dish at any given time of the year.


Yoga mat
There's no better way to start your morning off than with yoga. Gift the free-spirit with a yoga mat and assure they start off the day on a good note. They'll be thinking of you every time they're in downward dog!

If you know the person you've picked has strong metaphysical properties, then crystals are the way to go. Gift them a celestite if it's soothness you want to offer them or an amethyst if they're lacking inspiration.

Mason jar herb garden
What's more soothing than nature itself? Get your free-spirited friend a compact herb garden this year round! Help them infuse their dishes with free tastes and refreshing aroma. A healthy friend is a grateful friend.


Scratch map
Help your friend keep track of the countries they've travelled to and the cities they've conquered with a cute scratch map. These cute maps allow you to scratch off the countries you've visited, serving almost as a checklist for your future endeavours.

Every traveller will comprehend the struggle of having a bag that's simply not large enough to hold all of your camera and travel equipment, especially a backpacker. Buy the traveller a solid backpack that will last them throughout all of their adventures.

Photography equipment
Although we're all for enjoying the moment and leaving tech items aside, getting at least one good shot while you're abroad is a must! If the traveller in your gang is a photography fan, buy them a selfie stick, a tripod, a lens... Anything that will add that extra oomph to their shots.


Get a t-shirt printed! If your geek friend is into a particular tv-show, personalise a t-shirt to suit a particular pun or famous line from the show. Apart from guaranteeing satisfaction, we can assure you they'll be wearing this t-shirt everywhere they go.

We know this one is a cliche, but mugs are functional and we're into that! We're not suggesting you buy your buddy any mug though, never. Get a mug that illustrates the most iconic equations for the financial officer in your building.

If the person you have picked is a massive fan of a band or tv-show, you can't go wrong with a poster. They'll be hanging it on their wall the second they get home! Of course, getting it signed by the band members or the cast of their favourite tv-show will win you brownie points... And a follower for life.


The queen bee didn't get popular by turning up to school or work with their morning hair and custom dark circles. Let's face it, these girls spend big cash at makeup stores, stocking up on their annual provision of make-up. Buying them some of the utensils yourself will surely help them out.

Who doesn't love smelling like Lilies in a spring water pond? Buying a body mist or a branded perfume will surely please the receiver. It doesn't require much effort either, only some time off to smell the wonderful scents.

This one is easy. Head on out to Pinterest and Tumblr and spot the trend. Crystal necklaces are everywhere, so are chokers! Mix and match colours and styles to make sure they suit the person's complexion and taste. You can never go wrong with a black statement necklace!


A nice bottle of whisky while never let the party animal down. They know it would've cost them a fortune to buy and they'll realise you bought it with solely them in mind. Trust us, you can't go wrong with buying the partier some booze.

You can't deny the party animal their fair share of fun! Purchase a good ol' flask for your fun friend to guarantee they get their required dose of release anywhere they go. Who knows, this might benefit you in the future when you're craving a long sip of gin.

Phone cover
We all know a person that has thrown themselves into the sea during a long night of partying. And we're all familiar with cases of people smashing their phone on the dance floor. The best thing you could buy a party animal is security, for their phone. Get them a robust phone cover or better yet a waterproof pouch to make sure they avoid future incidents.


Tickets to a comedy show
A comedy night will not only make the joker in the office feel at home but it will also guarantee you hear some new jokes in the long-run.

Card games
We're not talking regular old cards here, we mean to point towards the heavy stuff. We're talking ‘Cards vs Humanity', ‘Never Have I Ever', ‘Say Anything'. These games will assure some crazy, fun, nights for your joker friend.

Comedy books
Picking up some tips and tricks can never help. If you're sick and tired of hearing the same old jokes, get a good comedy book for your friend.


Art supplies
Art supplies can get expensive, especially for those artists who are inspired at all times. If you know of a person who is looking to start out with painting, purchase a whole kit for them, if the person you've picked is already an avid painter, simply help them re-stock on equipment.

Guitar picks
Is your friend a legend on the guitar? Get them some personalised guitar picks with their name engraved on top. They'll think of you every time they play. Hey, who knows, you might also get serenaded?

Mobile cover
Don't worry, we're not about to recommend you buy a regular mobile cover for your artist friend. Instead, get them a cool mobile cover that amplifies sounds so they can play their creations to a crowd. Or if it's art your friend is into, try buying them a mobile cover that features their favourite painting (be it their own or of their favourite artist).


A busy person understands that time is money. Buy them time, buy them a watch! Although this gift is a heavier spend, it is ideal if you're looking to buy a gift for someone you are close to.

Although phones come with planners integrated within them now, having a pocket-sized planner can never hurt. Especially if the busy person in your life is into bullet journaling or owning physical objects.

Thermos mug
Unfortunately, some of us are so busy, we can't even make time for breakfast. Buy your busy friend a thermos mug so they have no excuse to miss their morning coffee or smoothie.


Whiskey stones
What do you buy the person who has everything? Small luxuries they would never think of buying for themselves. Whisky stones are a good example of this. These little goodies serve to cool your drinks down while avoiding your drink from thinning out as happens with ice cubes.

An experience
You might not be able to think about an object your buddy doesn't own but we can think of hundreds of experiences you could offer that are irreplicable. Buy your friend a concert ticket or book a flight voucher. If they're not the biggest fan of music or flying, in general, you could also opt to pay for a course for them.

Anything personalised
We don't care if your friend already has a pocket watch, we're telling you - get their name engraved on it and they'll never trade it for anything else. Personalised items show that effort and care were put into a gift and isn't that what the Christmas season is all about?

Hohoho! Happy shopping! We hope whatever you choose to gift is appreciated and that your efforts are compensated by your own secret Santa! Let us know what's on your wishlist in the comment section below!

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