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We are the best Local Discovery Search Tool.

Founded over 20 years ago, and now leaders in the local publishing industry, Yellow is the most accurate curated directory, with thousands of businesses listed online as well as offline printed in our Directory.

A choice of more than 21,000 business listings confirms Yellow as the Maltese Islands' most comprehensive and utilised consumer platform. With the help of Yellow, thousands of users are able to contact businesses yearly through this handy and cost effective shopping tool.

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With more than 7,800 daily sessions and nearly 7,000 daily users on Yellow, businesses are more likely to be found by a potential customer in Malta or Gozo.

Yellow remains committed to deliver richer content and an enhanced search experience, through an unparalleled local media presence across the country. With listings, articles, media, pictures, videos, links and maps, shoppers can discover top-ranked businesses and make more informed decisions in all areas when looking for a product or service.

With a vast range of digital products such as Mini-Sites, Websites, Tags and Tag Rank that suit any budget, Yellow provides the best return-on-investment for businesses looking to reach thousands of customers.

About Us
Yellow Pages Directory

Our first directory known as the Yellow Pages was published in 1997. Today we compile, publish and deliver over 160,000 free books to all local homes and businesses in Malta & Gozo with a 50/50 split on preference between print and digital.

Yellow was also the first publisher to offer an opt-out mechanism for users who prefer the digital platforms thereby further contributing in the reduction of waste. The Yellow books are printed on paper that comes from managed forests, and are collected yearly for recycling.

About Us