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Pet shops in Malta and Gozo: The best pet stores for your pet supplies

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Idea Natur 2000 Pet Shop Malta

Sta Venera, Malta | Pet Shops

Looking for a pet shop with a vast range of equipment and supplies for all your pets? We import the top brands as we are fully dedicated to the wellbeing of your pets. Visit our online shop now and have your orders delivered to your doorstep. !

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The Pet Shop

Mosta, Malta | Pet Shops

Give your pet quality food & supplies for a healthy life! We stock a range of pet foods & treats, cat litter, cat scratching posts, bedding, leashes & more for a holistic well-being. Book also professional grooming services at our Mosta shop!

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Mtarfa Pet Shop

Mtarfa, Malta | Pet Shops

If you are looking for a selection of pet supplies, We at Mtarfa Pet Shop offer you a variety of items. Among our stock you can find accessories, food and supplies for dogs, cats, rodents and birds. We also sell plants and garden ornaments.

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Iklin, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Pet Shops

Want the best for your pet? Visit our pet shop in Iklin for a vast range of pet clothing, pet food, treats, bedding, shampoos, toys, cat litter & much more. Providing also professional grooming services & fresh bakes daily from Wendy's Petisserie!

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Beautiful Creatures

Gzira, Malta | Pet Shops

Give your pet the best food & health products! Come visit our pet shop where you'll see a wide range of premium pet food for cats, dogs, birds & other. Find also bedding, shampoos, toys, clothing & other supplies. Tropical fish & parrots for sale!

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Bormla, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Pet Shops

Give your pets the best they deserve! We bring a wide choice of pet clothing, nutritious pet food & treats, bedding, grooming & cleaning products & much more! We also prepare daily fresh cakes & cookies for your pet at Wendy's Petisserie! Come by!

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STG Imports

Dingli, Malta | Pet Shops

If you are trying to get your pet to take new nutritional foods, we suggest trying out our brand we can help you to get the best that can be found. If you need advice we will be here to help you out with that as well!

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Il-Mithna Pet & Garden & Grooming

Zurrieq, Malta | Pet Shops

We stock a variety of products for the well-being of your pet. One can also find various accessories, livestock for retail, as well as professional grooming services by trained and experienced staff. We also have an experienced vet in attendance.

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Pet Studio

Zebbug, Malta | Pet Shops

As a pet shop in central Malta, Pet Studio specialises in high quality pet accessories, aquariums and garden products. Your pet would love us, and so would you!

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Nature Pride

Attard, Malta | Pet Shops

We stock a wide range of pet supplies ranging from pet food, accessories, treatments, aquariums, cleaning supplies and live fish. We also offer pet grooming, aquarium maintenance and aquascaping, etc. Garden plants and supplies are also available.

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Karamellu Pet & Garden

Mosta, Malta | Pet Shops

Would you like pet goods? We provide a wide variety of pet food for you to choose from. We value that your pets have a good sense of upbringing, so that you will have long lasting friendships with them. We offer high quality pet products.

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Four Seasons Pet Shop

Mosta, Malta | Pet Shops

If you are a pet owner and a gardener as well you must check out our store we have everything that you might need, when coming down our staff will assist you with any particular needs, making sure that you will leave as a satisfied customer.

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Malta Reptiles

Zabbar, Malta | Pet Shops

Reptiles, Reptile food, Reptile lighting and heating. UVB lamps, Bird UVB lighting, lizards, geckos, snakes

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Falco Agriculture Feeds & Pet Shop

San Gwann, Malta | Pet Shops

We are bringing to our clients a variety of different products for different pets such as hamsters, ferrets, rodents, turtles, rabbits, reptiles, fish and birds. Having the supplies of wet and dry food and for the pets to enjoy their time with toys.

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naTura hoBBies

Zejtun, Malta | Pet Shops

NaTura HoBBies has always been synonymous with a wide choice of foods and pet accessories,  affordable prices, a team of animal lovers, and a wide variety of birds, rabbits, and fish. Visit us today.

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Pet shops in Malta and Gozo

Pet shops in Malta are one of those types of shops which offer a multitude of different products for the various animals which hold a special place in your heart and become an integral part of your home. All dedicated pet owners can agree that owning one is no easy task as it requires constant maintenance and regular shopping sprees. Because of the multitude of products and accessories pets require, it is convenient for pet shops to supply all goods under one roof to make it convenient for pet owners to buy all required items at one go. Whatever your pet animal, these shops will satisfy all your needs and where possible order any required equipment and accessories which they don't normally keep in stock.

Located all around Malta and Gozo, it's quite easy to find one near your home. Some pet shops listed on Yellow have also started to immerse themselves in the digital world. They are creating online platforms for owners to be able to select pet supplies and place them in their shopping cart, and some online pet shops also offer delivery right to your doorstep.

Pet shops in Malta normally stock various brands and customers are provided with a wide selection of products. We suggest you do some research on the variety of brands these shops offer to make sure you make the right decision for your four-legged friend.

If you have limited know-how on animals, worry not! The people working at pet shops would most likely have the necessary expertise to guide you in choosing the most suitable products for your little friend.

So what are the products usually found at pet shops? Here's a short list of the basic supplies provided for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents and exotic animals.

Travel, bedding & pet supplies for pets in Malta & Gozo 

Your domestic animals deserve to enjoy some comfort while at home and while travelling! Pet shops in Malta provide an array of cat and dog carriers, bedding, dog and cat beds, barriers, hamster and rabbit cages, parrot cages, kennels, dog crates, cat and dog litters and pet flaps. You will also find a range of collars, leads, muzzles, harnesses and dog tags.

Find the best food for your pet

Whether you're looking for bird food, cat or dog food, reptile or rodent food, pet stores usually offer a vast range of branded pet food and seeds. You can find dry, wet and raw food, treats, vitamins and supplements. You can ask in-store for advice regarding the best food for your furry friend, depending on its age and size. Some places provide food and nutrition for specific dietary needs such as diabetic friendly foods.

Feeders supplied include bowls, bird feeders and timed feeders designed for pet owners who work long hours away from home.

Pet grooming, care and hygiene

Adopting a pet means constant maintenance as your animal's wellbeing is crucial to ensure a healthy life. A vast selection of shampoos, sprays, brushes, combs, nail clippers, timers, thermometers and thermostats for reptiles, rodents, dogs, cats, fish and birds are easily found, amongst other tools and equipment. What's more, some pet stores may even have a pet grooming service available. 

Pet flea treatments

Animals are easily susceptible to flea attacks and as a responsible owner you need to treat your pet accordingly. Special anti-flea products, such as specialised shampoos, sprays, collars and tablets can also be found. Some pet stores offer more specialised medicines such as anti-parasite pills and supplements. Before purchase, check with your vet what your pet requires to get back on his feet, and consequently, staff at the pet shop should be qualified to guide you through the possible solutions.

The best toys and pet accessories in Malta & Gozo

Pets spend a lot of time alone and it would help to invest in some interesting toys and accessories for your four-legged friends. Pet shops in Malta can supply a vast range of balls, snack rolls, rubber toys, dog pools, chews and cat scratching posts. Ask for the best and most durable solutions for your little friend at the store. You may also be inclined to dress up your dog in warm clothing during the colder months and a pet store can provide you with a variety of dog clothing.

Find a cat, dog, parrot or the best company you need at pet shops 

Visiting a pet shop is always fun as you can encounter a variety of different domestic and exotic pets for sale. Birds for sale include budgies, canaries and parrots. Cats and puppies for sale are also common, as are tortoises, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. Some may also offer exotic reptiles and amphibians, such as iguanas, chameleons or snakes such as pythons. Tropical fish are also common, together with aquariums and aquarium equipment.

Do remember that owning a pet is an added responsibility which cannot be given the cold shoulder so before buying one, make sure you do the necessary research to check what it entails to take care of it and if it's suitable for your way of life. Ask the staff for all information they have on the concerned animal. Some animals need vaccinations and you should receive the whole history of the animal's vet visits, and any certifications, especially for exotic pets. Have a look at these tips to help you pick the right pet. However, if you'd rather have a low maintenance pet, here are some suggestions. 

Apart from pet supplies, some shops also provide items for the green thumbs out there. You can find a vast selection of plants, flowers, seeds, bulbs, pots and other garden equipment to flourish your garden.

Visit Yellow to check which pet shops are open today around Malta and Gozo and buy all your pet essentials now.


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