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Idea Natur 2000 Pet Shop Malta

Sta Venera, Malta | Pet Shops

Importers of top brands and quality pet food & supplies for your furry friends !

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Piscopo Gardens Ltd

Burmarrad, Malta | Pet Shops
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Borg Cardona & Co Ltd

Marsa, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Pet Shops
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Borg Cardona & Co Ltd

Balzan, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Pet Shops
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Iklin, Malta | Pet Shops
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Nature Pride

Attard, Malta | Pet Shops
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The Pet's Planet

Sta Venera, Malta | Pet Shops
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Il-Mincott Pet Shop

San Gwann, Malta | Pet Shops
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Tropical Forest

Xewkija-Gozo Gozo | Pet Shops
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Pet Studio

Zebbug, Malta | Pet Shops

As a pet shop in central Malta, Pet Studio specialises in high quality pet accessories, aquariums and garden products. Your pet would love us, and so would you!

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Pets Paradise

Paola, Malta PLA | Pet Shops

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Pet Shops in Malta and Gozo

Discover pet shops in Malta and Gozo on Yellow. Sort your results and find all the pet supplies and necessities in one place. You can choose your destination based on location or your preferences. Check available products, websites, photo galleries and contact information.


Pet shops offer vast range of products for domestic animals. You can find bedding, furniture, barriers, car accessories, litters, collars, leashes, clothing, food, toys and much more. Pet shops provide supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and rodents. To ensure the chosen pet store has the products needed, check the photo gallery and website.


Pet shops usually offer a vast range of different brands for pet food and seeds. You can ask in-store for advice about the best solution based on your pet’s age and size. Some places provide food and nutrition for specific dietary needs. You can find dry, wet and raw food, as well as variety of seeds.

Grooming, care and hygiene

A vast range of shampoos, sprays, brushes, combs, nail clippers, timers, thermometers and thermostats. Pet stores in Malta supply all the necessary equipment for reptiles, rodents, dogs, cats, fish and birds.

Anti-parasite treatments

Special anti-flea collars and products, such as spot on, shampoos, sprays, collars and tablets can be found as well. Some stores offer more medicines such as anti-parasite pills, supplements and sprays. Before purchase, check with your vet what your pet needs exactly, and after that, staff at the store should be qualified to guide you through the possible solutions.

Toys and accessories

A vast range of balls, snack rolls, rubber toys, strategy games, discs, laser pointers and more can be found in Malta. Ask for the best and most durable solution for your little friend at the store.

Transport and bedding for different-sized animals should be easily found as well.

Many pet shops sell small domestic animals, such as rabbits, turtles, hamsters, parrots or guinea pigs. Some of them may offer exotic animals, such as iguanas, chameleons or pythons. Before purchasing any kind of animal do your research online and ask at the store how to properly take care of it and what will be needed along the way. Some pets need vaccinations and you should receive the whole history of the animal's vet visits, and any certifications, especially for exotic pets.

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