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12 Super Cute Xmas Outfit Ideas For Your Pets This Year

by Chiara Micallef

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The festive season is just around the corner, and while most of us are busy planning Christmas lunches, buying gifts and wrapping up presents, others are looking for great outfit ideas for their pets during this festive season. 

Even though Xmas outfits are cute and your furry friend might like them, we advise you to refrain from dressing up your pet if they seem scared of their costume.  

Be aware and make sure that the costume does not hinder your pets' ability to move, be comfortable or express themselves freely. Do not dress your pet up in costumes that make a lot of noise or light up, as this might stress your beloved four-legged friend.  

Make sure that ears, tails, legs and eyes are not restricted by clothing. 

Now that that's out of the way, here are 12 cute Christmas outfit ideas for your pets.  

1. Santa's Little Helper 

2. A Stylish Harness For Special Occasions 

3. A Mini Santa Of Your Own

4. Cute Reindeer Ears For Your Bunny 

5. A Cosy Hat For Your Adorable Pooch 

6. A Xmas Sweater To Wear On The Day

7. A Relaxed Santa Suit For Your Dear Four-Legged Friend

8. An Adorable Set For Your Guinea Pig

9. Snazzy Xmas Hats For Rabbits 

10. ..Or A Reindeer Coat For Your Dog

11. A Bow For All Occasions

12. Santa Outfits For Bunnies 

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She enjoys nothing more than reading, trying out new dishes and petting cats. 

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