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Top ten low maintenance pets for children or adults

by Yellow

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Not everyone has the time, money or space for a dog or large pet, yet the benefits of owning animals are too good to ignore. For those people, low maintenance pets could be the answer. If you're one of these people and are looking for low maintenance pets for children or adults, these are ideal.

1. Hamster, gerbil or mice

These small rodents are great fun, offer some feedback and respond to their owners. They are also relatively easy to look after. They just need food and water daily, a good sized cage with somewhere safe to sleep and a form of exercise in a wheel or some toys.

2. Small birds

Some smaller birds don't need any human interaction to remain happy and healthy. They just need a cage with room to fly a little, some food, water and somewhere to sharpen their beak. Finches and canaries are content just to be left alone while cockatiels or parakeets need 
time out of the cage to fly and socialise.

3. Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are a firm favourite of smaller children as they are quite tactile and make a noise. They are social animals who appreciate human contact but are still low maintenance pets. They just need a cage, some straw and to be fed and watered daily.

4. Rabbits

Many, but not all, rabbit species are fairly low maintenance. Give them a hutch, some fresh vegetables to chew on, space to run around and they are happy. Human contact is optional but why wouldn't you want to interact with such cute creatures? Just be aware that they can live longer than you might think.

5. Cats

Most species of domestic cat are low maintenance because they mainly look after themselves. As long as they have somewhere warm to sleep, food, water and somewhere to scratch they are generally happy. If there is someone around to play with them or provide a warm lap to curl up on, all the better!

6. Goldfish

Goldfish are a very low maintenance pet and certainly lower maintenance than most other fish. Keep their water clean, change it regularly, keep them fed and sit them in a nice place and they are happy.

7. Insects

While not the most interactive pet around, insects can be quite low maintenance depending on which you choose. Stick insects, praying mantis, hissing cockroaches and crickets need nothing more than a warm tank, some foliage and regular feeding. Spiders need more looking after but can be equally interesting to keep.

8. Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys are small aquatic creatures that live in salt water. They are extremely low maintenance, need 
little cleaning and are fun to watch. Keep them fed with either special food or approved human food and you're good.

9. Snakes

Some snakes make very good pets. They don't need feeding often and just need a warm tank with some foliage and a rock or three. As long as you don't mind feeding it live or frozen mice or rats, snakes make very low maintenance pets. Some species are also happy to be handled.

10. Reptiles

Some reptiles are low maintenance while others most certainly are not. Scorpions, bearded dragons, geckos and terrapins can all make good pets. Give them warmth, somewhere safe to sleep and keep their tank clean and they can make great pets!

While these creature types can make 
low maintenance pets, it is important to do your research first and ask a Pet Shop for advise. Not all species within each of these types make good companions. Be sure to know what you're buying before you get it home!


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