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Cute Overload: Here Are 12 Adorable Maltese Pets You Need To Follow On Instagram

by Chiara Micallef

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Thanks to the digital world we live in today, everyone can become insta-famous – including pets. In fact, if we were to be perfectly honest with you, Maltese pets are our favourite influencers on the platform. They are not only super adorable and extremely entertaining, but they fill our feed with some much-needed cuteness. 

Looking at adorable animal photos is probably the number one hobby in Malta, and for a very good reason – these furry babies can help in giving you a more positive mental state. 

If you are looking for ways to de-stress with a chunky side of 'awwe', check out these adorable Maltese Instagram pet accounts.

1. Ollie Sargent

This pupper is as adorable as they get. Seriously. Ollie is a three-year-old mixed breed whose eyes show the heaps of love and affection he gets from his human parents. Nothing is as heart-melting as this baby's sweet eyes. 

2. Maya the One-Eyed Cat 

This adopted cat will win over even the toughest of hearts. Maya recently got two new foster siblings, so expect a double whammy of cuteness in the days to come. 

3. Ollie the Beagle 

Ollie is a four-year-old dashingly beautiful beagle who enjoys car rides, food and melting our hearts. A daily dose of Ollie will solve all of your problems, we promise. 

4. Mila the Dwarf 

Don't be fooled by her size and adorable eyes. This three-year-old dwarf lop is a real trouble maker, and one look at her photos will give you all the proof you need for that. 

5. Simba the Cat 

Simba is a gorgeous cat that can pretty much be called a walking work of art. This sleek and charming boy is a delight to look at – even when he gives off the well-known feline death stare - all too familiar with cat owners around the world.

6. The Maltese Pets

Horses, cats, rabbits, ponies and dogs are the pick of the day on this lovely account. If you are someone who loves to watch animals interact together in the cutest way possible, The Maltese Pets was made for you, seriously.  

7. Smokey the Staffie 

Staffordshire terriers admirers rejoice: here is the perfect account for you. The perfect mixture of goofy, funny and adorable are the order of the day with Smokey. An account you will truly never get enough of. 

8. Bianca the Parrot 

We at Yellow are all about fun and games, that is why Bianca the parrot holds a special place in our hearts. This two-year-old parrot is a real photogenic beauty that enjoys sipping tea and nibbling on crackers.

9. Jim the Frenchie 

Jim is a delightful frenchie full of mischief and wonder. He has earned the number one spot in our hearts with his cute adventures and adorable puppy eyes. 

10. Millie the Cat

This pretty ragdoll cat is pretty much as cute as they get. With her deep blue eyes and super adorable face, it is quite easy for us to spend hours on end looking at her graceful photos. 


11. Nina the Staffy 

Another Staffordshire terrier on the list that will infect anyone who views her profile with happiness and love. Seriously, how can you not smile when looking at that carefree face?

12. Skye the Husky 

Skye the husky's profile states that she howls for attention, but we promise that she does not need to howl to get our attention. This beautiful princess' profile is as wholesome as they get.

Do you know any cute Instapets? Leave us a comment and tag them on our Facebook post.

About Chiara Micallef

Chiara is a content writer with a love for delicious food, beautiful art, music, travel and bizarre history facts. 

She enjoys nothing more than reading, trying out new dishes and petting cats. 

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