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Perfect Christmas gift ideas for every family member

by Yellow

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Christmastime, mistletoe and wine. It also includes the headache of finding the perfect gift for every single member of your immediate and extended family. Ideally, as early as November, you would have already planned out exactly what you’re getting and for whom. But planning so far ahead is easier said than done. 

If you’re stuck on what presents to buy your loved ones, or you haven’t had time for a shopping trip yet, these Christmas gift ideas might inspire you!

Mum & Dad 

Your parents deserve something special. Treat them to an unforgettable memory by organising a fun and relaxing experience they can enjoy together, like a weekend break or a much-needed spa day.

Grandma & Grandpa

Your grandparents are probably already extremely adorable. But how about contributing further by getting them matching sweaters to celebrate their everlasting love for each other, and your love for them? It would be even better if they are Christmas-themed. 

Children & grandchildren 

We live in an era of digital devices and touch screens. So toddlers can really benefit from toys that help them improve their motor and cognitive skills, like blocks or a play-pad. 

Educational toys are ideal for older children. Identify what they’re interested in, be it science experiments or baking cupcakes, and help their creativity run wild. As for teenagers or young adults, go for an exciting book or novel, or else a stationery set that would be useful for their schoolwork and studying.     

Brother or sister