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7 Perfect but affordable gift ideas for your Valentine

by Mr. Yellow

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Love is in the air! For many couples, Valentine’s Day means pressure to organise the perfect date and find the perfect gift, without repeating ideas from past anniversaries or birthdays. 

But as cliché as it may sound, the thought really is what counts. A gift for your other half can easily tick all the right boxes without breaking the bank.

Here are 7 thoughtful but affordable gift ideas that could make February 14th the perfect day!

Something personalised

There’s no greater gift than one made solely with your partner in mind. Jewellery might immediately come to mind, but how about being more creative with a personalised notebook?

It can be a scrapbook with photos capturing your favourite memories together, or a journal with a personalised cover filled with fun quotes and doodles describing your relationship.

Another innovative personalised gift, that has gained popularity, involves a pack of playing cards. Simply write a reason why you love your partner on each card. You can definitely bet on winning them over with this one!

A little nerdy appreciation


Everyone has a unique passion - be it for a video game, TV show, movie or book series, sports team or band. Whatever your loved one is into, get them what they’ve always wanted, but never got down to getting. 

If you’re struggling to pin down a specific item, the internet is your oyster! Browse through what’s out there and be on the look out for that coveted gift.

A plush to cuddle when you’re not there


Do not underestimate the power of a fluffy plush. Teddybears and other animal soft toys might be old-fashioned and immature to some people. But if your partner loves hugs and you’re both always busy, this is an undeniably thoughtful idea.

Do they have a favourite cartoon character? Is there an emoji they’re constantly using?  Plush versions of them could truly warm their heart. 

A cool gadget

New tech products are constantly being launched, and most of them are quite affordable. Put your playful but thoughtful thinking cap on, and get your Valentine a cool gadget.

From wireless headphones and speakers, to polaroid cameras and mini-coffee machines, the possibilities are endless! 

Matching shirts or hoodies

Let’s take a minute to think of presents that even the giver can enjoy.

You might not end up wearing them at the same time outside of your home, but ordering matching shirts or hoodies is a great way to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ - if you do it right, of course.

Tickets to somewhere they’ve always wanted to go


Not everyone can afford to pay for a holiday at one go, but you can always start with the tickets.

Whether they are plane tickets to a country your partner has been wanting to visit, or tickets to see their favourite band, this is a beautiful gesture that allows you both time to save up and plan an exciting trip together - and you would have been the one to kickstart it all!

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