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Gift ideas for International Women's Day

by Yellow

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If your girlfriends celebrate International Women's Day, you're going to need some gift ideas to make them happy. Fortunately, we have a few very effective gifts that don't cost the earth and will make that special girl feel valued. So check out these cost-effective but very meaningful gifts for International Women's Day.
International Women's Day is Tuesday March 8th, which purely accidentally is also Organise Your Office Day. Whatever your opinion of these new international days, there are many who take them seriously. One of them might be your best friend, so ignore them at your peril!


Yes, giving flowers is the obvious choice but purely because they are so effective. We all love flowers as they brighten up a room and make you smile every time you look at them. Not just because flowers are happy but because of the meaning behind them.

A good book

If your friend is a reader, why not get her a good book? There are lots of empowering female-friendly books out there to choose from. Or, depending on her taste, a good romance or a biography of a strong female role model could do the trick.

A movie

Similarly to a book, if your friend likes watching films, finding a good romcom, biopic or something moving makes a good gift. Especially if you can find a movie with special meaning, like the one you 
went to see together when you were young, or one that is close to her heart.

Something you made

If you're crafty or creative, nothing says ‘I care' like something made by hand. If you can make something, all the better. If you can't, get something made by a family member or try somewhere like Etsy. The more meaningful the better.

A photograph

Having a memorable or meaningful photo printed and framed makes for an excellent 
present at any time of year. Having one produced for International Women's Day is a great way to deliver a great gift on a budget.

A girl's night in

Experiences make perfect gifts so why not plan a girl's night in? Plan a dinner with your friends, get some movies, cocktails, wine, some lovely desserts and sweet treats and ban the boys for a night. You can all contribute something to keep costs sensible and you all get something out of it by spending quality time together.

Give to a women's charity

Sometimes the giving itself is a gift. Not everyone wants a gift, especially on something like International Women's Day, which is all about women as a collective. Your friend may prefer to have money donated to a women's charity in her name. It is an excellent gift that benefits everyone.

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