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Refurbish Your Office

by Yellow

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If you're looking to give your old office a facelift, stay tuned to learn a few tips and tricks you should employ when rejuvenating your workplace.

Your workplace may look satisfactory to you, but trust us, you need to refurbish your office. Apart from offering your staff the motivation and excitement they lack when they come into work, you'll also be showing your clients you're flexible and adaptable, a business that keeps up with the trends rather than settling for the boring, familiar, ways.

So what is it exactly you should be switching up?

The office hue

The psychology of colour illustrates that the hue of your office can determine the level of energy your staff holds throughout their workday. Each colour will serve a different purpose for your business. If you lead an accountancy firm, incorporating blue into your decor is the way to go as this colour serves to stimulate the mind. On the other hand, if it's creativity that you seek to increase, yellow is more suitable for your case.


Don't repeat the same mistake twice. If starting off your business, you forgot to keep ergonomics in mind, make sure it's the main thing on your mind this time
round. If the term is still alien to you, check out this quick guide to office ergonomics.


Knock down the walls in your office that have been keeping your staff from communicating between one another. Creating community spaces will increase the level of trust your staff lacks. In turn, this will improve your business' ability to work in a team which is a quality most clients find crucial. If you're looking for other ways of increasing communication between your office check out these 5 tips!

Energy saving

Taking your time while refurbishing will save you a great load of expenses in the long run. If you're embarking on a very intensive refurbishment, install self-adhesive thermal strips around doors and windows to reduce heat loss. This method will decrease your heating bill in the colder seasons. Install
energy efficient lights and daylight sensors in order to decrease energy consumption. The investment will be worth the effort!

Relaxing zone

Multi-national companies have started to employ relaxing zones for their staff in order to encourage productivity and enthusiasm. If you're looking to keep up with the trend, replace the stiff wooden chairs in the dining area with bean bags. If you have unused space, why not equip a small scale of mini golf for your staff to use in their free time? Who knows? Your clients may like to join in the fun while waiting for a meeting.

We're excited to hear about your improvements in the office! Keep us updated!

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