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Christopher Farrugia DipMLS, PgD Forensic Science(UK)

Dna Profiling Services, Rabat - Malta

Christopher Farrugia DipMLS, PgD Forensic Science(UK)

Dna Profiling Services, Rabat, Malta
General Information

Need DNA profiling services? I Christopher Farrugia, Dip-MLS, PgD Forensic Science (UK), provide a wide range of services for all  clients. I provide DNA profiling services for all of my  clients.
Graduated as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and later awarded a UNESCO fellowship which eventually led to a Post-graduate Diploma in Forensic Science from the University of Strathclyde (UK). Providing Consultancy services to the Maltese Courts, Media, and the Biotechnology industry.
DNA profiling is a technique where a specific DNA pattern, known as a profile, is made from a person or sample of bodily tissue. Even though we are all unique, most of our DNA is made of identical elements to people’s DNA. Our specific regions vary highly between people. These regions are known as polymorphic. Differences in these variable regions between people are known as polymorphisms. Each of us inherits a unique combination of polymorphisms from our parents. DNA polymorphisms can be analysed to give a DNA profile.
Human DNA profiles can be used to identify the origin of a DNA sample at a crime scene or test for parentage. DNA profiling is used to identify the probable origin of a body fluid sample associated with a crime or crime scene, reveal family relationships and identify disaster victims.
I care about all of my clients and offer them a good service. I aim to create long term relationships with all of my clients to continue to provide them good projects. I have experience as a scientist and working in labs to uncover the truth behind various forensic cases. Experimentation and testing leads to the resolution of many cases.
DNA profiling is an important part of forensic testing. Identification of the suspect will lead to uncovering the truth behind the reality of crime scenes and actions. Contact me and I will provide excellent DNA profiling.

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Christopher Farrugia DipMLS, PgD Forensic Science(UK)
26 Novaville, Flat 1 Triq Francesco Azzopardi Tal-Virtu’ ,
Rabat Malta RBT 2612
79 797 910
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