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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts For Him & Her

by Karl Azzopardi

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Valentine's Day — the day when couples put their frustrations on hold and remember why they love their partner. Even though they might've forgotten to wash the dishes for the third time in a  week, it wouldn't be fair on St Valentine who honourably died a martyr for the sake of love, to ruin his day over a dirty sink!

Now the question is, how should you spend Valentine's Day together? Or what would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift to display your undying love for your significant other? 

Well, this of course all depends on your individual tastes and what you enjoy doing in each other's company. But we're here to help get your wheels turning with some Valentine's Day ideas of our own so you don't risk getting into any more unnecessary arguments.

Valentine's Day For The Foodies

valentines day dinner date

We are blessed with a plethora of restaurants in Malta & Gozo that take Valentine's Day very seriously. What's more romantic than a relaxing date where you'll be served like kings and queens without having to worry about dirtying the kitchen? You'll find most places offering Valentine's Day set menus perfectly curated for couples who love to share meals together.

And if you really enjoy exploring different eateries and catering spots, why not make a whole day out of it? Start your day with breakfast or brunch at a cosy cafe, follow it with lunch or dinner and end it on a good note with a drink and a dance at one of the many bars around the island.

Valentine's Day Getaway

couple at a hotel

Our fast-paced lives can sometimes make us forget about the importance of taking a break and appreciating the wonderful people we hold close to us. Valentine's Day is a wonderful incentive to hit the pause button, escape for a couple of days with your loved one, and rekindle the flame that routine suffocates.

Hotels are a great option for a Valentine's Day getaway. Many have affordable Valentine's Day offers that typically include delicious meals and access to facilities in one full package. However, if you wish for a more private getaway and don't mind cooking up something special together, booking a farmhouse or guesthouse might be a more favourable option for you.

Valentine's Day Pampering

couple in a jacuzzi

If tensions are running high or one of you is going through a challenging period, then maybe you should consider Valentine's Day as a day to relax and treat each other to some much-needed wellness treatments. 

One great option is booking a couple's spa day where you can have all that pent-up stress massaged out of your system and let off some steam while enjoying a relaxing jacuzzi. And you don't even have to worry about the cost, as most spa centres offer Valentine's Day offers during this time!

Another thoughtful idea to show your appreciation would be getting your partner a voucher which they can use for some well-deserved pampering whenever they see fit. This could be a voucher from a beauty salon for her or a voucher from a barber shop for him.

Intimate Valentine's Day

elderly couple indoors for valentines day

We understand that going out for Valentine's Day might not be everyone's cup of tea. Maybe you just want to stay in all nice and cosy, cuddled up in your pyjamas watching your favourite series or movie together. But this doesn't mean you cannot make it a little bit more special than your usual binge nights.

You can get yourself a nice bottle of wine, or whichever spirit you wish to get love drunk on, and complement it with a yummy box of chocolates or sweets, maybe even some baked goodies, to sweeten up your Valentine's Day. If you feel like putting that little bit of extra effort you could even cook up something good together for the night — all it takes is a quick run to the grocery store!

A Simple Valentine's Day Gesture

man giving flower bouquet to woman

If you're really too busy to do anything on Valentine's Day or you're not the kind of couple that likes celebrating this day, a small gesture of appreciation could go a long way.

This could be something as simple as getting your partner a bouquet of their favourite flowers or even personalised jewellery if they love to accessorise. Otherwise, you could get them shopping vouchers if your partner is a grade-A shopaholic or just doesn't trust you with buying them gifts. 

However, if you're the artistic or DIY type, there's nothing more special than crafting something from scratch that you know your partner will treasure forever.

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