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Romantic gestures that make a big impression

by Mr Yellow

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An essential ingredient to a healthy, long-lasting relationship, romance is often overlooked and taken for granted in our busy, hectic lives. However, it’s the fuel that keeps the relationship going and showing your partner you care every now and then will strengthen the bond between you. If your loved one has been down in the dumps, it's time to put up something special for them. But when it comes to relationships, actions tend to speak louder than words. Here are 6 small gestures that are bound to leave a big impression.

Scent of a flower

The ultimate and quintessential romantic gesture to display your love and express your emotions, a bouquet of flowers is a good way to remind your better half how special they are to you, while there’s nothing better than walking into a room to find a bunch of beautiful blooms laid out in a vase. If you're looking to carry out a gesture that doesn't require too much effort, flowers may be the way to go.

But drop into your nearest florist and you’ll see that the selection of flowers abounds. With so many types and so many colours and arrangements to choose from, you might be lost and confused. Roses are certainly a classic choice, yet why not ditch this iconic flower and wow your loved one with other romantic and dainty flowers like the
matthiola incana, the ranunculus or peonies? If you’re looking for more vibrant blooms then opt for red chrysanthemums, pink asters, tulips and irises. Orchids, casa blanca lilies and alstroemeria, also known as Lily of the Incas will add a hint of the exotic to your bouquet.

Colour is another important factor. Red is generally associated with love and passion, but it can also convey respect. On the other hand, yellow symbolises friendship and is closely linked to feelings of happiness and joy, whereas pink is associated with love and femininity. Representing tranquillity and peace, blue flowers are perfect for spreading some peaceful vibes, while bright and bold, orange flowers like tulips and marigolds are known to evoke feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Another common colour is white, but this one can be somewhat tricky since white flowers are used for a variety of occasions ranging from weddings to funerals. Other things you need to consider is the number of flowers. Avoid offering 13 blooms as this number is generally considered unlucky, whereas an even amount is less common.

Under the impression that flowers are just for women? Think again! Some men enjoy receiving them too. Perhaps you might want to skip the pink bouquet with the ruffled ribbon, but any alternative sporting vibrant colours like yellow, orange, green or blue in a more masculine container will be much appreciated.

Dinner is served

If your loved one has had a long day at work or has just come back from an arduous flight, going the extra mile and cooking them their favourite food will certainly comfort them, while there’s no better way of boosting their mood with a delicious dish and a glass of wine. After all, food nourishes the soul.

So, wondering how to plan a romantic dinner at home? If previous attempts at cooking looked more like an overdone steak and soggy potatoes that were nothing but appetising, you might be worried that you’ll mess up things up again. Avoid overly complicated dishes or experimenting with new ingredients and go instead for simple yet tasty recipes that you can easily pull off with minimum effort and sweat, setting you up for success. Here are some easy recipes that anyone can cook, while if you’d rather bring some local flavour to the table these traditional Maltese recipes are set to please. Ultimately, what counts is the thought and effort and surely your loved one will appreciate both irrespective of the result.

Yet, if cooking is truly not your forte but you still want to offer them a nice cooked meal, order their favourite takeout. To simplify things even further for you, have the food delivered right to your door. Then, all you’ll need to worry about is setting the stage - think of tablecloth, cloth napkins, perhaps some nice dinnerware if available and don’t forget the candles.

Drop a line

Some people await calls as much as you crave for Spring. Sure, texting, sending an email or getting in touch through social media may be fast and convenient, but let’s face it, they are impersonal ways of communicating. It may feel old-school but in contrast, phone calls can strengthen your connection with the other person since you’ll be able to hear your partner's reaction and tone of voice, helping you better understand what they’re trying to tell you. In addition, you’re less likely to take things out of context on the phone.

So give a call to your loved ones every so often to remind them they're still on your mind. A simple 5-minute conversation can make someone's day. And if texting is something you cannot go without, send messages throughout the day to let them know you are thinking about them but don’t overdo it.

Take the stress away

Sometimes all we need is a little TLC and pampering. But there’s no need to splurge on an expensive spa package. Dim the lights, prepare some candles, make sure there’ll be no interruptions by turning your mobile phones off and unplugging your landline and let your loved one distress.

A good massage is known to decrease anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders and soft tissue strains or injuries amongst other things. But unless you’re a professional massage therapist with excellent manual dexterity, a steady hand and the ability to coordinate activities involving more than one limb, you’ll probably won’t be able to give your significant other a deep tissue, reflexology or shiatsu massage. Bring your moisturiser out and apply some basic massage techniques like circular strokes that gradually increase in intensity and pressure and make sure you concentrate on the back, shoulders and neck.

You may want to skip the massage and use other, equally effective ways for letting the day’s worries melt away. Treat dry and damaged hair with an inexpensive mask purchased from your nearest pharmacy or apply a mud mask to remove excess oil and unclog pores. Treat your partner to a mani or foot soak to give feet a rest and treat dry heels and toes. For a simple but relaxing alternative, try drawing a hot bath and add a bath bomb that will fill the water with fragrant essential oils, as well as nourishing and moisturising 
butters and oils.

If, however, you don't trust yourself massaging another person and fear of causing more harm than good, consider a voucher at one of the many spa centres in Malta and Gozo?

Care package

Can you encapsulate someone in a box? Then get to it! The list of things you could put in a care package is endless and depending on your budget, you can either go over the top or fill a small box with an assortment of simple items like their favourite treats, a good book to read and a scented candle. Who says that great things don’t come in teeny-tiny packages?

Have you run out of ideas? Remember that a care package should really and truly be all about the person you’ll be giving it to, so consider the individual’s hobbies and interests, their preferred author, their ideal savoury or sweet food items, novelty products, their favourite movie or TV show or go for a boredom buster kind of package that includes travel-size board games, puzzle books and magazines.

A good alternative is to create a work survival kit for those rough patches at the office that everybody goes through once in a while. Fill this kit with their favourite snacks, pictures of yourself, family, friends and pets, novelty office supplies, little jokes and love notes, as well as anything else you may think is essential to put a smile on their face and make their day.

Something to look forward to

Although this is hardly considered a small gesture, a trip away is about as romantic as it gets. If your budget allows it, surprise them with a weekend getaway to our sister island or Comino or even better, a short trip abroad.

There are a number of ways you can make this surprise even more memorable. For instance, you can present them a guidebook of the place you’re set to visit. Initially, your loved one may not realise that your gesture implies a trip, but when it finally clicks, their squeals of delight will make the effort worthwhile. Another option would be to mark the dates on their calendar or diary if you can get your hands on it or you may even want to stick the plane tickets right in there. Take it up a notch and create your very own gift voucher where on it you can showcase the place and travel dates. No matter the destination, this is a gesture you’ll be able to experience and share together.

We hope these ideas bring joy and happiness to your significant others. Let us know how you make your loved ones happy!

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