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The best pharmacies in Malta & Gozo for a speedy recovery

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Brown's Pharmacy

B’Kara, Malta ( +11 more locations ) | Pharmacies

Visit our outlet in Birkirkara outlet for specialised beauty and medical treatments. We are a fully stocked pharmacy with the professional staff at the ready to help you. Various doctors and specialists are also in attendance at our clinic.

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Milia's Pharmacy

Isla, Malta ( +3 more locations ) | Pharmacies

Situated in Senglea, Milia’s Pharmacy is always well stocked with anything you might need from medicine, beauty products, skin products and more. Contact us for more information on any services and products that we offer.

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Remedies Pharmacy

B’Kara, Malta ( +4 more locations ) | Pharmacies

We at Remedies Pharmacy in Birkirkara provide our clients with a variety of cosmetics and sanitary products which are great to live life in a healthy and fulfilling way. At our store you can find medicines, creams and more.

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National Pharmacy

Hamrun, Malta | Pharmacies

At National Pharmacy  we don't just sell packages of medicines we sell packages of care. We have doctors and specialists in attendance to help meet your health needs.  You can now book your appointments online at

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Kristianne Pharmacy

Mqabba, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Pharmacies

At Kristianne Pharmacy we are here to help you with all of your medical needs. We will help you get the medications you need, and offer solutions and alternatives when necessary and possible. Visit us today to find out more about the products we offe

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Beta Pharmacy and Healthcare Clinics

Ghaxaq, Malta | Pharmacies
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Lauretana Pharmacy

Ghajnsielem-Gozo Gozo | Pharmacies

For all your pharmaceutical and cosmetic needs, visit Lauretana Pharmacy in Ghajnsielem, Gozo. Our stock ranges from the medical to the aesthetic depending on what you are looking for. We are also part of the POYC scheme.

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Martins Pharmacy

B’Bugia, Malta | Pharmacies

At Martins Pharmacy, our team is committed to providing you with personalized advice and the best services and products. We offer products dedicated to baby and mother care as well as treatments for every need.

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Mediatrix Pharmacy

Zabbar, Malta | Pharmacies

Everything you need for your health is provided at our Zabbar pharmacy. We provide a range of daily professional services or by appointment - dentistry, nutrition, general practice, physiotherapy, vaccines & more. We're part of the POYC scheme too!

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Medicaid Pharmacy

Gudja, Malta | Pharmacies

If you need to buy your medicine and need advice on how to get the best out of them you need to visit Medicaid Pharmacy in Gudja. We are open from Monday till Saturday and are always there to help.

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Sonren Pharmacy

Tarxien, Malta | Pharmacies

Sonren Pharmacy is one of six pharmacies conveniently situated around Malta. We are always well stocked for everything you might need regarding beauty, baby or pharmaceuticals. Contact us for more information or pay us a visit today.

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St Andrews Dispensary

Swieqi, Malta | Pharmacies

Our pharmacy not only covers all your pharmaceutical needs, but also offers a hospitable ambience and a customer-friendly service. At St Andrews Dispensary you can rest assured that your physical health and appearance will be well catered for

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Tat-Targa Health Clinics & Pharmacy

Mosta, Malta | Pharmacies
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O'Hea Pharmacy

Gzira, Malta | Pharmacies

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Pharmacies in Malta & Gozo

Medications running low? Need a cold or cough remedy? Does your first aid kit need refilling? Need a last minute beauty gift set? Nail polish bottles dwindling? Need an appointment with a doctor? Visiting a pharmacy in Malta is the solution for several health and beauty concerns and limited health supplies you may have. It is your one-stop shop for several mental and physical needs which may come to light.

Opening Hours and Locations of Pharmacies in Malta & Gozo

Pharmacies in Malta and Gozo are very easy to locate as most would have a green cross hanging outside the shop. You will find a multitude of pharmacies in nearly every town and village around Malta and Gozo with varying opening hours. Some open in the morning till noon and then re-open at 4pm and close at 7pm from Monday till Saturday. Late night pharmacies are also gaining popularity. Standard opening hours can be checked on Yellow and you can filter your results to find late night pharmacies or those nearest to your location more efficiently when you're searching for open pharmacies near you.

Pharmacies open on Sunday work on a roster basis in order to cater for any exigencies which may occur. The Sunday and public holiday schedule can be checked out here.

A traditional pharmacy offers hundreds of different health-related products of various brands. Check out the most commonly found products:

Medicines and Treatment Products found at pharmacies in Malta

Pharmacies in Malta offer a vast range of medicines and treatment products suitable for all age groups and which cater for any health conditions. Popular medications include aspirin, antibiotics, antihistamines, diabetic kits, antiseptic cream, ear and eye drops, lozenges, contraceptive pills, painkillers, steroids and vitamins. Remedies for heartburn, insomnia and vertigo amongst other ailments are easily found. Some of these drugs may be offered over the counter but some may require a doctor's prescription. The pharmacist will advise you accordingly and in case of no prescription, will give you alternate solutions or advise you to visit a doctor. If you are not sure which medication would have the quickest and optimal results, a pharmacist is qualified to give advice on a multitude of conditions and will inform you about any possible side effects. Down with the common cold or influenza? Have a look at what the symptoms of each one are.    

Other stocked products found at pharmacies in Malta and Gozo include bandages, condoms, contact lenses, disposable gloves, fire blankets, ice packs, incontinence pads, inhalers, pregnancy tests, snore guards and thermometers.

Beauty Products available at pharmacies in Malta

Beauty and hygiene products are typically available at any pharmacy in Malta. Whether you need to replenish your skin, face, hair or your nail care supplies, a drugstore would satisfy all your needs. A well- stocked pharmacy would include an assortment of cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers, shampoos, deodorants, hair removal products, brushes, straighteners, sanitary towels, sunscreen, after sun creams and any other toiletries. In fact, prevent a sunburn whilst lounging on the beach with these truly effective ways. You'll find the most appropriate products that are suitable for your skin and hair type. Some pharmacies in Malta also sell makeup products and accessories together with perfumes for men and women.

Baby products you can buy include bottles, baby food, baby shampoos, nappies and pacifiers.

Services offered by pharmacies in Malta & Gozo


Most pharmacies in Malta offer doctor consultations and various specialists offer their service on particular scheduled days. You may find an ophthalmologist, audiologist, gynaecologist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, dermatologist, or any other specialist who you may require for advice or examinations. Rosters may be found online but it's advisable to call the respective pharmacy to double check availability before you drop by. Apart from medical check-ups, they also offer some vaccinations.

Diagnostic services

Possible services a pharmacy may offer range from blood pressure reading to blood and urine tests, pregnancy and smear tests, smoking cessation monitoring, weight control tests, blood glucose and food intolerance testing.

What is Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC)?

Pharmacy of Your Choice, known as POYC, supplies free medication and medical devices to all entitled patients. Medication can be picked up after presenting the membership card and necessary documentation.

You can filter your results to find the nearest pharmacy which is part of the POYC Scheme.

Is piercing offered?

Some drug stores may also offer ear and nose piercing.

Check out the list of pharmacies in Malta and Gozo on Yellow and discover all pharmacies open in Malta and Gozo today. Filter your results by selecting the products or assistance you need and choose the nearest pharmacy open today.

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