How to build the best business relationships with clients

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Winning new clients is a long and winding staircase that needs a careful approach. From the early conversations to the final deliverables, each client needs to be given sufficient importance throughout the whole process. The goal should be to build trustworthy relationships with clients and make them last, and here’s how to do that.      


Be patient

Building a strong relationship with your clients requires a substantial degree of patience, and getting to know a client takes time. Make sure you are able to dedicate enough time to solidify a personal connection with your client. Listen to what they have to say, and share a few things about yourself to show them that you relate.

Communicate regularly and transparently

Communication should never be undermined. Acknowledge your clients’ emails promptly, even if you don’t yet have a direct answer to their difficulty. Be proactive in giving them both good and bad news, and address their problems honestly. Transparency is the ultimate foundation for long-lasting business relationships.

Go the extra mile

Develop an understanding of your client’s company and the industry they are competing in, and then offer them solutions customised to their needs. Come to an agreement on the achievements they want to unlock by working with you, and document all conclusions for them to be able to refer to later. Going slightly outside of what is expected of you will surely infuse more loyalty within the client. 

Offer advice

A truly valuable business partner doesn’t hesitate to input with genuine opinions. Open dialogue between the client and vendor establishes a more respectful and manageable business relationship. To a certain extent, it doesn’t hurt to become friends with your clients. Get to know what motivates them every day, and incorporate that into your relationship with them.        

Treat every client as your most important one

No matter who they are individually, give all your clients the best service you possibly can. It is especially important to invest in partnering with smaller companies that have clear potential to grow. Happy clients will also be happy to make referrals, helping your business expand and reach more clients. 


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