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6 Smart ways to deal with your competitors

by Yellow

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Every business has competitors. No matter how niche and specific your market is, you will find other businesses targeting your audience. But having competitors can be a positive thing. These 6 tips will help you confront fierce competition with confidence and determination!

Learn from your competitors

To beat the competition, you have to get to know them first. Start by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and keep a record of how they are performing in the market. Keeping tabs on what your competitors are up to can be a good learning experience. It can even help you improve your own business. Don't just look at your big corporate competitors.
Startups tend to take greater risks to stand out, and can come creeping into the picture - fast. So don't underestimate their potential.

Know your customers well

Your customers will be more loyal to your brand if you stay top-of-mind. Findout the best way to develop a strong relationship with your customers. Then stick to it.
Engaging with your customers through social media is definitely one of the most effective methods. You should also be aware of the numbers behind your customers. By knowing how many customers you have, and what kind of customers they are, you can then allocate costs to cater specifically for attracting new customers as well as keeping the current ones happy.

Don't play dirty

If your competitors are willing to stoop low, you don't need to do the same. Using your PR and marketing resources to purposely steer customers away from competitors is a waste of your money and time, not to mention the negative image it might cast over your business in the long run. Instead, be confident in what you're offering and smartly promote the positive aspects of your brand.
Bonus tip: Rather than copying your competitors to keep up with them, focus on your competitive advantage by refining your strengths.

Compete on service, not price

Don't undersell just so you can compete with other businesses by providing the cheapest option. If the quality of your standards and services are high, don't hold back from charging what you're worth. If what you're providing is valuable and is going to make people's lives easier, most customers will be willing to pay.

Collaborate with competitors

There's nothing wrong with getting along. Competing businesses can co-exist, and sometimes they can even successfully collaborate for one-off campaigns or initiatives. Supporting a common cause as your competitors can help raise your brand awareness, because you are being introduced to a larger group of potential customers and clients, and some of them might want to try something new.

Be innovative

Innovation is what will always keep you ahead of the game. Learn about the latest technologies, and think of how you can use them to make your business stand out. Be innovative in how you manage your internal processes as well, making sure your whole team is working together to move your company forward. Being innovative also means taking the right risks at the right time. Try a new marketing strategy, or launch a new service that your customers, or those of your competitors, have been asking for.

Remember that competitors can provide you with the most valuable lessons in business. Competition keeps you on your toes, making you want to keep improving. It keeps things interesting. Feel prepared to face your competition by enlisting the help of any of these
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