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6 Steps for your business to dominate social media

by Yellow 482 Days

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Strong social media presence has become essential for businesses to survive. By today's standards, not having at least a Facebook page is a lost opportunity for any company. But how do you go about creating an amazing social media marketing plan? These 6 steps should do the trick.  

Set your social media goals

Don't attempt to conquer social media before identifying your objectives. Look at your company's overall needs, think about how you want to use social media to satisfy them, and then include them in your company's strategy. Whether you want to use social media to generate more brand awareness, increase sales or build a loyal audience, establishing a set of smart goals is an ideal beginning. You might also want to consider appointing a team of people to specifically handle this initial process.  

Conduct a social media audit

Audience perception is everything. Understand the diversity of your consumers, both actual and potential, and assess how your social media can appeal to all of them. Look at how your competitors are using social media, and take note of any stone they are leaving unturned. Create or improve your social media accounts Time to hone your online presence. While keeping in mind your company's goals and your target audience, choose the social media networks you want to eventually dominate. If you already have accounts on certain networks, make sure you update them cohesively with the new ones you've created. Cross-promote your social media accounts and optimise each one for SEO in order to extend your online reach.  

Make time for inspiration


It's not just about trying to be better than your competitors. Outsource inspiration from industry leaders and social media giants, and ask your clients for feedback. Being inspired requires taking the time to think creatively and innovatively. Whoever is managing your social media should be given the necessary space, time and resources to do so. Although at first glance such an investment may seem redundant, in the long run it will solidify your social media's success.  

Create content plans

Content is always king. By strategically planning content for your different social media accounts, you can keep your audience interested and engaged at all times. A great idea would be to think of how your company would speak and act if they were a person rather than an entity. This will make your social media content more relatable and relevant, giving your company a certain humanity that people will want to come back for more of.  

Periodically evaluate your plan


You're bound to make mistakes in the beginning, which is why constant testing is extremely important. Record and analyse your social media successes and failures every so often, and then adjust your social media marketing plan accordingly. As online trends are constantly changing, your plan needs to be adapted to what is periodically popular. Keep searching for improvements, strive towards your initially-established goals and have fun taking social media by storm!  

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