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5 Reasons Why Clear Job Descriptions Are So Important

by Yellow

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We all know what job descriptions are, but how much importance do we actually give them? Job descriptions should provide aroad map forpotential employees, by explaining what the job they are applying for entails. But there is so much more to job descriptions thatmakes them indispensable for employers and employees alike.

They clarifyexpectations immediately

How can you expect someone to do their job if you don't explain their responsibilities to them properly? Providing applicants with solidjob descriptions ensures they understand exactly what will be expected of them if they are chosen. Clarity in ajob description puts potential employeeson the same page as you, and aligns them with your company's goals. This will help find the best person possible for the job.

They empower communication

Well-written job descriptions fullycommunicate the core requirements of your vacancy to applicants. Amongst other things, they should include a job summary and all the requirements which need to be satisfied by applicants,such as relevant qualifications and experience. This willavoid any mistaken interpretations being made onwhat a job roleentails.

They facilitaterecruitment and training

The purpose of job descriptions is to setout every important aspect of a particular position. So an employercan easily refer to them when recruiting new people or training existent employees. All-encompassingjob descriptions can improve acompany's ability to manage its people and their respective roles, as well as help them develop both professionally and personally.

Theyprotect you legally

Thisbrings us to job descriptions being an imperative source of legal defence for employers. As an employer, they will legally protect you when it comes to employee claims or other similar internal disputes. This is because job descriptions officially record all the necessary details relating tothat job, from work hours and payment, to overtime and leave.

They provide structure

Good job descriptions establish structure and discipline within the workforce. In reality, itisn't that difficult to create them,especially if you involve the employees you already have to help you develop them. As long as they also promote the company's values and re-enforce the company's culture, job descriptions will help you manage the roles of all your employees efficiently.

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