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5 Cybersecurity Tips Every Maltese Business Should Put Into Practice

by Chiara Micallef

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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month around the world. To help present awareness, and equip you with better security tools, we at Yellow have compiled an article that will help you strengthen your business' security. 

There are a number of steps you can take in order to proactively defend your business against potential cyber threats, and the good news is that most of these attacks can be avoided by taking a few simple steps.

Here are five tips that will help you strengthen your business. 

1. It's not just about passwords anymore

Having a strong password is a great way to protect yourself, sure, but sometimes it's not enough. Implement new security measures like multi-factor authentication. This extra safety layer can be either two-step passwords or authentication notifications on another device. Multi-factor authentication practices include secondary PINs, fingerprints, or even your phone. 

2. Beware of emails 

Phishing emails are on the rise – and they present quite a large chunk of cybersecurity threats. Whether it's an infamous prince, a long-lost relative who somehow listed you as their sole heir, or an over-friendly bank offering you a large sum of money – do not interact with these emails. 

You can easily spot phishing emails, mainly due to their inconsistencies, wonky grammar, or strange addresses – along with the fact that senders will ask you to divulge important credentials or personal details.

3. Do not neglect your software 

From web browsers to your actual operating system, or your anti-malware and virus software. Updating your software may be a bit of a drag, especially if you need to get it done during work hours, however, it will help you protect your data from cyber threats and attacks. 

You can turn on Automatic Updates on your devices, or switch to reputable web browsers that receive frequent security updates, such as Chrome or Firefox. Moreover, always ensure that your browser plug-ins are up-to-date.

4. Train everyone 

Train yourself, train your employees – train anyone who has access to your software. You can enrol in cybersecurity training courses in order to help you identify better any threats which your business might face. 

Increase security awareness in your workplace through training – and we're not talking about once in a lifetime training. It is best to attend training at least once a year.

5. Monitor your network

Most data breaches can happen without you even knowing. It is highly important to monitor your computer networks proactively for any strange activity, as this could easily signify a data breach taking place. The sooner you can identify a breach, the sooner you will be able to stop it. This means that you will be lowering the impact – or even avoid it. 

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