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Hidden Sea Havens in Malta: Discovering These Underrated Coastal Gems

by George Portelli

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The Maltese archipelago is often loved for its golden sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. Millions of tourists and locals visit Malta's beautiful coastal beaches every year, however, beyond the well-trodden tourist locations, the Maltese archipelago has a hidden treasure trove of secluded sea havens, waiting to be discovered. 

These off-the-grid sea havens are an exclusive peek into Malta's untouched coastal beauty, from serene stretches of enclosed bays to dramatic cliff faces, exploring these secret sea havens nestled within Malta & Gozo is a journey worth embarking on. 

Dahlet Qorrot, Gozo

Dahlet Qorrot (Credit: Zdenek Teichman)

Dahlet Qorrot is a hidden cove, snugged in the northern coastal cliffs close to the local Gozitan village Nadur. This little pebbly beach is embraced by terraced fields and small fisherman boat houses that are carved in the rocky coastline that surrounds the inlet. If you want a quiet place to swim through the shimmering waters or somewhere to sunbathe in complete serenity, Dahlet Qorrot is the epitome of tranquillity. 

Rdum il-Biez, Mellieha

Rdum il-Bziez (Credit: Sonya Zammit)

Situated on the rugged outskirts of Mellieha's coastal cliffs, Rdum il-Bziez is a perfect example of Malta's raw and natural topography. Beautiful cliffs which lead into a stunning azure sea below. Rdum il-Biez is not easily accessible to the public, which allows it to preserve an adventurous feeling of exploration, rewarding visitors with panoramic views of Malta's coastline. 

Ghar Hanex, Qrendi

Ghar Hanex (Credit: Stefan Mogalle)

Along the southern coastline of Qrendi, Ghar Hanex can be found. A few years ago, Ghar Hanex collapsed, leaving a natural geographic rocky archway. The water surrounding the area is similar to the Blue Lagoon. The journey to the location is a demanding trek by foot but it can be easily accessed with a small vessel. The scenic views and picturesque water makes every step necessary to visit this area worthwhile. 

Kalanka Bay, Marsaxlokk 

Kalanka Bay (Credit: Olga Kravets)

Kalanka Bay is a beautiful uncrowded beach with pristine waters, a serene atmosphere and a historic background, with the historic Kalanka Lighthouse and traditional Maltese salt pans adjacent to this quiet southern bay. 

Imgiebah Bay, Selmun

Imgiebah Bay (Credit: Nahinul Alam)

Hidden within the coastal cliffs of Selmun is Imgiebah Bay, the ideal location for those seeking solitude and a close encounter with nature. A swim in the bay's transparent and calm waters is enough to make you fall in love with this tranquil haven.

Wied Babu, Zurrieq

Wied Babu (Credit: Bob Jeurgens

Wied Babu is an adventurer's dream, trekking down this natural valley filled with greenery and imposing cliffs, an experience curated for those who love hikes, rock climbing and paragliding. At the bottom of Wied Babu is an enclosed turquoise pool of water that glistens as you overlook the incredible Blue Grotto and the island of Filfla, the most southern point of the Maltese archipelago. 

Qarraba Bay, Mgarr

Qarraba Bay (Credit: Izaak Flanders)

Located in the rural village of Mgarr, Qarraba Bay is a tranquil secluded pebbled beach that is enclosed with cliffs. This northern bay overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect spot for snorkelling and diving. 

Bambrin Beach, Gozo

Bamberin Beach (Credit: VisitGozo)

Hondoq Bay is a popular Gozitan bay and right near it is a much lesser-known hidden bay known as Bamberin Beach. The beach is not very accessible to the public, however, if you are willing to swim this quiet bay offers fine sand, crystal clear waters and a rural charm that disconnects you from the regular tourist hotspots. 

The Maltese archipelago has several different hidden sea havens that are worth exploring. Malta's coastal allure is filled with diverse and captivating natural spots, with their own unique beauty and characteristics that are more than just picturesque locations. 

These hidden sea havens are a testament to Malta's rich and untouched coastline. Whether you choose to swim in the tranquil waters of Kalanka Bay or trek through Wied Babu's unparalleled valley, Malta's best-kept coastal havens are waiting to be discovered. 

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