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7 Astonishing Hike Trails In Malta

by Chiara Micallef

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Spring is finally here, making hiking routes all around Malta way more inviting for outdoor enthusiasts. Abundant spaces and beautiful green areas are waiting to be explored by you, and even though it might not always be easy to choose the perfect spot, we have made up a list of seven hike trails around Malta and Gozo. So lace up your shoes, and pack your essentials – you're going on a hike. 

1. Bahrija 

Bahrija is one of Malta's treasure troves when it comes to impressive views and picturesque trails. The Bahrija trail starts off at il-Fiddien, where a number of pink-coloured path signs can be followed, leading you towards Ta' Koronja valley – a lush area populated by Aleppo pines and Mulberry trees. 

You can either continue off toward il-Kuncizzjoni, or follow the pink signs to Bahrija. Along the way, you can admire Wied Rini, St. Martin the Bishop's church and il-Qlejgha Bronze Age Village. You can choose to descend the cliffs along Migra l-Ferha and Ras id-Dawwara, turn back towards Bahrija, or venture further – you can take this hike to the next level by walking towards Mtahleb, Wied il-Busbies and L-Andriijiet. From there on, you can walk back towards il-Fiddien, or Rabat. 

2. Ghar Lapsi 

If you enjoy rocky coastlines, historical temples and tranquil spots, the Ghar Lapsi trail is an excellent choice for you. When exploring this trail, you can head along the south coast and admire some prime cliffs and caves along the way. While following this trail, you can catch sight of Filfla, or stop to admire the 5,000-year-old megaliths of Mnajdra and Hagar Qim from far away. 

You can take a breather by visiting both temples, or else walk on towards Zurrieq or Qrendi. If you are willing to take this hike further, you can trek to the Maqluba sinkhole. 

3. Fawwara 

When exploring Dingli Cliffs, you might stumble across a few strategically-placed red signs. If you are in quest of a scenic walk speckled with prehistoric temples, wayward chapels and sublime views, follow these red signs. This walk is known as the Fawwara Trail, and it will lead you to a number of chapels, a Bronze Age village known as Il-Wardija ta' San Gorg, cart ruts, and the famed Blue Grotto. This walk is around 24km if you walk to and from the cliffs.

4. Mellieha 

If you are looking for an easy walk, you can opt for this Popeye Village to Xemxija trail. There are a number of accessible cliffs in this area, and you can add the Xemxija heritage trail to the mix. This trail is quite uneven at some points and might be a bit challenging for some. However, walking along a Roman road, admiring an ancient Carob tree, stumbling upon Roman baths and exploring the prehistoric burials in the area is well worth the shortness of breath and sore legs. 

5. Victoria Lines 

Victoria Lines are not your typical hike trail. These defensive walls cross over from the East to the West side of the island. The Victoria Lines hike trail starts off from the Madliena Fort and goes all the way to Kuncizzoni – close to Fomm ir-Rih. If you're lucky enough (and weather permitting) you can catch glimpses of Gozo. 

This route is fairly easy and can be done with younger kids, as there are no difficult-to-reach spots or paths. Along this track, you can admire a number of buildings leftover from Malta's colonial days, including the Bingemma Fort, Falka Gap and Fort Mosta.

6. Ta' Gurdan 

Ta' Gurdan is one of the comeliest and most scenic spots in Gozo. Not only is it a breathtaking place, but the walk to it is a splendid one that will give you ample views to admire. To embark on this hike, you can start off from Gharb's village square and walk all the way to San Dimitri Chapel, Wied il-Ghasri, Ta' Gurdan Hill, ta' Gurdan Lighthouse and back. This walk has a lot to offer – from idyllic fields to distant bays and steep cliffs – this tranquil hike will provide you with a much-needed break and some fresh air. 

7. Girgenti Walk

This whopping 15km walk is a tiring but worthy one. 

You can start this trail off from the Siggiewi village core, if you follow the green heritage walk signs, you will soon find yourself near the Kappella tal-Providenza. From there, you can cross towards Wied Zikku, however, to do so you will need to cross the Siggiewi to Lapsi main road – which can be quite busy, especially during the weekend. 

From the Wied Zikku borehole, you can trek onwards and upwards towards is-Salib tal-Gholja. Along the way, you will find a number of niches depicting the Passion of Christ, along with the Annunciation church – your next rest stop would be the Girgenti Shrine. 

If you feel like going all the way, you can follow the green signs, which will then take you to the Girgenti Palace and valley. 

In the Girgenti valley, you will find a meandering path that will eventually lead you to Ghar il-Kbir, Clapham Junction, and Buskett. 

If you feel like that's not enough, you can pursue the path from Buskett to Il-Kappella ta' San Nikola u Santa Lucija, San Blas chapel and march off towards Siggiewi through Triq it-Tigrija.

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