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6 Places to enjoy a summer holiday without leaving the Maltese islands

by Yellow

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We all love a summer holiday. But not all of us can travel overseas for our vacation. Some of us don't have the time because of work or personal commitments, or we can't travel due to financial or health restrictions.

Whatever the reason, it should not stop you from taking a break from your routine. You deserve the opportunity to slow down and enjoy stress-less quality time with your family or friends. Here are six ways you can enjoy this break within the Maltese Islands.

Feel like royalty in a boutique hotel

How about escaping reality for a few days in a chic boutique hotel, where all you need to do is relax and experience luxury?

This would be perfect for a romantic weekend, or simply for a well-deserved break with your loved ones. It might not be the cheapest of options, but you will find a range of prices to pick from.

Take a boat trip

We're surrounded by beautiful blue sea. Take advantage of being Maltese with your own tailored boat trip, be it an organised excursion or a unique experience on board a chartered boat.

If you decide to rent a boat, make sure someone with a certified boat licence accompanies you.

Pick a peaceful camping spot

Both l-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa and the Selmun area are idyllic camping spots, as we discovered when we explored the most beautiful local picnic spots. Since both locations are near the sea and on elevated land, they are ideal for camping trips with bearable heat conditions.

As long as you have the necessary camping equipment and all your basic supplies are stocked up, you'll be in for an unforgettable adventure on home-ground.

Enjoy a relaxing spa weekend

If you truly need to unwind this summer, dedicate time to some self-care at a spa centre or a hotel with spa facilities.

Spa weekends tend to be a popular bonding activity for couples. But in reality, you can take anyone with you — a family member, a best friend or maybe no one at all. Going solo can sometimes be the most relaxing option!

Rent out a farmhouse

If you plan to vacation with a large group of people, be they family or friends, renting out a farmhouse is the best option.

You will find a wide choice of farmhouses in Malta or Gozo with sufficient space, all the basic amenities you will need and, possibly, a pool or hot tub to chill in. To avoid disappointment, book your farmhouse of choice as soon as possible.

Discover local

Life's hectic pace often leaves us little time to visit parts of the island that don't fall within our daily routine. So why not become a tourist in Malta this summer?

Rent an apartment, or book a hotel room in a town or village you rarely visit and experience a new side to what's local and familiar. You could pick seaside locations or opt for quaint village centres, depending on what you're after.

Then, of course, there's Gozo - The beaches, the history, the people, the cuisine…you'll be spoilt for choice when picking where to stay and what to explore in our sister island. Ah, and don't forget our other sister island Comino!

And that's how you can enjoy some time off this summer without having to venture beyond Maltese waters.

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