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7 Most beautiful picnic spots in the Maltese islands

by Yellow

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Ta’ Qali isn’t the only place in Malta where you can enjoy a picnic with family or friends. Our islands are flooded with fantastic picnic locations known to very few people. Here are 7 of the best picnic spots (in our humble opinion, of course). 

Wherever you decide to go, always remember to clean up after your picnic and to leave the environment around you the way you found it! 

Victoria Lines

Malta’s very own Great Wall running through Rabat and Mosta, now an abandoned set of fortifications, offers plenty of idyllic areas for picnics. The most picturesque parts are those near Madliena and Fort Binġemma.  


This small but gorgeous woodland area in Mellieħa is very close to St. Paul’s Bay. So you can easily have a cheeky dip in one of the nearby beaches if the sun becomes unbearable!    


Baħrija is a hiker’s dream. One of the highest points in Malta, it offers majestic sea views, including a vista of the phenomenon that is the island of Filfla. 

A particularly beautiful part of Baħrija is called Ras ir-Raheb, which is near Fomm ir-Riħ. There you can find impressive remains of a Roman villa and ruins of a pre-historic Megalithic temple.  

L-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa

The soothing sea breeze at l-Aħrax during the spring and summer months is unlike anything else you can experience in Mellieħa, or in the rest of the Maltese islands for that matter. 

It’s a unique location for camping and picnics, where you can relax near the cliffs whilst taking in the mesmerising seaview.   


History-lovers will not find a better camping spot in Malta. Aside from Selmun Palace overlooking the islands of St. Paul, this fascinating part of Mellieħa has many old towers along the sandy coastline — perfect for a potential treasure hunt before you settle down for your picnic! 

Chadwick Lakes

A popular choice with families for a day out with kids and pets, Chadwick Lakes is also a lovely and serene area for picnics. 

Situated between Rabat and Imtarfa, this mini-paradise boasts fresh flowing water, a rich ecosystem and an opportunity to truly escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Ġnejna Bay

When it comes to beaches, we’re spoilt for choice in the Maltese islands. But one of the best beaches for picnics is undoubtedly Ġnejna Bay in Mġarr. Its secluded nature and spectacularly blue sea makes it the ultimate summer picnic destination. 

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