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5 Hidden Gems in Malta and Gozo

by George Portelli

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malta and gozo hidden gems

The Maltese archipelago has a beautiful natural landscape that is filled with unique and distinct places that are worth visiting. Malta is well-known for its southern and northern coastlines with gorgeous beaches and endemic Maltese fauna and flora in the rural land.

Aside from the stereotypical natural areas in Malta and Gozo that are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, the Maltese islands also have some mysterious and rather unknown natural gems that are not as popular or as well-known to the public. 

If you have explored your fair share of the Maltese islands and you are looking for new places to visit and truly appreciate natural beauty, these are some relatively hidden gems that may be perfect for you. 

1. Ghar Tuta

Located in Mellieha, not too far from the iconic Red Tower, Ghar Tuta is a giant cave that almost resembles a sinkhole as it naturally fits in with the topography of the land. It's surrounded by greenery and vegetation, at night one can observe a beautiful view of Cirkewwa and Gozo from the outskirts of the cave. Ghar Tuta is also a prime location for a lot of other activities such as abseiling and rock climbing.

2. Wied Babu

Wied Babu is a vast and extensive valley in Zurrieq close to the Blue Grotto. The walk down through the valley is quite long and requires a little bit of hiking and climbing. At the bottom, there is this picturesque area to swim with gorgeous colouring that heavily resembles the Blue Lagoon. If you are looking for a great adventure to fill up the day, Wied Babu is a great place to explore and visit.

3. Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay is located in the Northwest of Malta, directly opposite Popeye Village. It's a quiet little bay that is underappreciated, surrounded by large boulders, rocky reefs and a clear viewpoint of the natural landscape. It's easily accessible with parking near Popeye Village and it's the perfect location for a tranquil swimming session.

4. Tal-Mixta Cave 

Located at the top of the highest point in Nadur, Gozo, Tal-Mixta Cave is a stunning landmark on the island of Gozo with a view that overlooks the entirety of Ramla Bay. Essentially, the cave is the perfect viewpoint for a breathtaking scene of Gozo that is second to none. The cave can easily be reached either by car or if you have some free time on your hands, there's an intense hike from Ramla Bay all the way up to the cave. 

5. Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay is a popular spot that is visited by locals and tourists alike, however, there's a beautiful viewpoint at the top of Gnejna Bay that overlooks all of Gnejna and Ghajn Tuffieha. It's a scenic walk to the viewpoint, the perfect place to witness the sunset and admire Malta's natural land.

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