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6 reasons why you need to present your garage doors with annual service

by FGP Ltd

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Whether it's a domestic or commercial garage door, many assume that once it's installed it's there to use it with no worries at all. However, this is wrong! Automated garage doors in particular, need regular maintenance and servicing just like any other type of machinery. 

To make sure you're maintaining your domestic garage door in top conditions, it's advisable that you have it serviced at least once a year. On the other hand, since commercial garage doors are more used on a constant basis, servicing them more frequently is not a bad choice. What's important is that your garage door is serviced by a professional technician to make sure it's done right!

Check out 6 main reasons why your garage door needs servicing

#1 Maintain a proper door operation

Sounds obvious! But, the primary reason why you should service your garage door professionally on a regular basis is to keep it working properly. Garage doors are exposed to many different types of elements, be them natural weather factors or other. The fact that you're using the garage door daily, it's inevitable being exposed to wear and tear issues which by time will lower its performance. With proper annual maintenance you can address any issues with your garage door immediately.

#2 Keep a quiet operation

By time your garage door can start making loud noises when opening and closing. Whether it's because you've never lubricated any of its mechanical parts or the motor is faulty, forget about having a quiet garage door operation. If you want to keep it working smoothly without waking up your neighbours everytime you go out and enter the garage, servicing it will keep it functioning quietly for many years just as the first time you used it.

#3 Avoid irreparable damage

One of the main crucial features in your garage door are definitely the sensors. If these are not maintained properly, there is a high chance that your automated garage door doesn't open or close. Without scheduled servicing you won't know if there is any dirt or other particles accumulated around the sensors that are interfering with the door's sensing system. If you want to avoid unnecessary repair costs in other components of the garage door such as the motor, committing to servicing it will certainly cost you less!



#4 Keep the garage door safe

Just like any other engineered machinery the garage door is designed to be heavy and robust to act as an extra protection for your belongings and property. Maintaining your garage door means that you'll be able to enjoy for long its aspects of safety and security. Besides this, it's very easy to have an accident caused when lacking in servicing. If something goes wrong with its operation, a garage door can shut unexpectedly for example and damage your vehicle or even worse yourself. It's in your best interest and that of your family to make sure your garage door remains a safe and secure machinery.

#5 Treat the door's jerking movements

Once you have a garage door you'll certainly be using it. This also means that the garage door will do many movements. Watching out for excessive movements when closing or opening, such as too much shaking and shuddering, can really avoid further complications. Servicing your garage regularly can help you observe this and tackle it right away and avoid worsening the situation due to an unbalanced garage door, loose hinges, off track rollers or other.  

#6 Keep the overall convenience

If you want to get the most out of your garage door servicing is a must. It will keep its overall convenience to the max. After all that's one of the main reasons you have invested in a garage door. You surely want to enjoy its luxury for as long as you can, whereby with just one click of a button you can go in and out conveniently at any time you wish. Broken garages never happen suddenly. There is always a cause, which you can help avoiding by having your garage door serviced by a professional.



FGP Ltd provides you with not just a high-quality range of garage doors and installation services. You can benefit from professional maintenance and repair services at affordable rates to make sure your garage door's performance is kept on high levels. 

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