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Top 6 Garage Door Safety Tips

by FGP Ltd

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Garage doors make your life much easier. They do not only add aesthetic value to your home, but also property value in the long run. Garage spaces are great for a number of reasons. They offer you storage, an area to present your car protection from the elements and they even offer added safety and security to your home. Here are the top six garage door safety tips for your garage door. 

1. Keep the area free and clear 

Leaving clutter or other items that might obstruct your garage door away from the area. People can become easily injured if there are any obstructions in the way. It is best to visually inspect your garage door before opening or closing, as it might not only damage your door or its mechanism, but it can also injure you or anyone else who might be close by. Teach young children not to be in the way when opening or closing your garage door. 

2. Inspect it regularly

It is best to inspect your garage door every month or so to ensure that all of the parts work as they should. You might not be a professional, however, you can still see that any cables or rollers are not working properly. By inspecting your garage door yourself, you will be able to know when to contact a professional. The visual inspection should include checking any springs, cables, bolts and rollers. It is important to address any wear and tear as soon as possible.


3. Be careful when operating it manually

This point is a bit obvious, however this is how most garage door related injuries happen. Educate your children and teach them to be more aware of your garage door. Accidentally placing your hand close to a panel can lead to disastrous and painful injuries. Consider getting safety panels that do not pinch when closing. 

4. Test your garage door's opening mechanism 

Your garage door comes with a safety reversing mechanism designed to prevent serious injuries or accidents. You can test this mechanism once a month or so to ensure that whenever your garage door is closing, it will reverse its action if it comes into contact with another object. Auto-reverse features are a standard safety addition to modern garage doors. 

5. Do not take safety lightly 

Never walk, run or step in front or under an opening or closing garage door. This can lead to a number of accidents, as does leaving your garage door ajar. Leaving your garage door open means that you are giving easy access to intruders or pests.  


6. Check your sensors regularly

Most garage doors use their sensors to be opened or closed. It is best to ensure that your garage door's sensors are working properly, as this could easily lead to unnecessary troubles or costs. You will know if your sensors are not working well, as they would refuse to operate and your garage door would take longer to open or close than it normally does. 

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