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Electric or manual? The definitive guide for choosing your garage door

by FGP Ltd

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Whether you're searching for a garage door for your new property or would like to replace your old one, you'll find a vast selection of doors to choose from. You will find various garage doors finished in different colours and with decorative features such as windows. But, the ultimate decision remains that of whether to opt for an electric or manual garage door. Each of the two offers advantages and disadvantages.

Here's a simple guide through to help you choose which garage door type to go for. You'll need to keep in mind these important elements:


In the case of electric garage doors, installation is not that straightforward and can also be dangerous if you do it yourself. Compared to manual garage doors, the electric ones are heavier and require more components to set up and wire together. Hence, leaving the installation in the hands of a professional is certainly best. Once installed it's good being able to go in and out of the garage with just a click of a button. With regards to the installation of manual garage doors, there isn't that much of a complication because it's basically one large door made of strong steel for which you need heavy-duty hinges and a lock. With the right tools and some assistance, you can install it yourself. All you need to search for is a reliable garage door manufacturer.



The hectic life we're living in today we're always pressured with time. The last thing you want is to waste time opening the garage door, drive out and walk back to close and lock before driving away. Expect this tedious process at any time of the day if you opt for a manual garage door! Convenience is definitely more synonymous with electric garage doors. While staying in your car, even at some meters away from your property, you can control the opening and closing of your garage door so you can just continue driving through it. Electric garage doors are the definition of ease of use and time efficiency.

Maintenance and Cost

Maintaining an electric garage door is definitely more expensive than if you have a manual garage door. With its many electric components and motors, an electric garage door needs regular maintenance and servicing so that you ensure proper lubrication and keep in control of wear and tear issues. Not committing to scheduled maintenance of electric garage doors might result in extremely expensive repair costs or even having to replace the door out of the blue. Manual garage doors still require maintenance to ensure their upkeep but it's less expensive.



Both garage door types, electric and manual, have been designed to offer an extra layer of protection to your property or storage. However, security is also about you feeling safe when entering or exiting your garage. In this regard, an electric garage door offers you higher security for the fact that you don't need to get out of the car to open or close it. You can easily control it remotely from your car to the contrary of a manual garage door!

24/7 operation

Choosing an electric garage door over a manual garage door means that you'll need electric power all the time to be able to operate. So, in case of a power cut, forget controlling it remotely. On the other hand, it's also important to note that an electric garage door does come with a manual locking and unlocking mechanism as well for you to be able to make use of it during a power cut or perhaps a fire. Despite the fact that opening manually an electric garage door requires lots of effort. With a manual garage door, you can continue making use of it normally in similar circumstances. 

There are many differences between electric and manual garage doors, touching upon the aesthetics, mechanism, practicality and obviously cost. Even if you might be the only person in the block with a manual garage the important thing is that you manage to purchase that door suitable for your needs without exceeding your budget.

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