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Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Disposable Paper Products
We Deliver

With us at Noriva Ltd you can get your hands on a wide range of disposable paper products designed to help you run your salon efficiently and in the best possible way. From disposable towels to massage table covers, we are here to help you

  •   Disposable tissues
  •   Disposable medical rolls
  •   Wipes
  •   Paper rolls
  •   Paper towels
  •   Biodegradable products

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Hair Accessories
We Deliver

Ensure your hair looks constantly great! Check out the wide range of hair accessories available at Noriva Ltd for premium hair styling and maintenance.

  •   Hair accessories
  •   Hair clips
  •   Hair salon equipment
  •   Hair brushes
  •   Hair paint supplies
  •   Hair styling supplies

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Beauty Products
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

At Noriva Ltd we have been in this line of business for 50 years and due to this we know well what the market requires, contact us now to make sure that you only have the best that the market has to offer and the most reasonable prices.

  •   Hair & beauty products' distributors
  •   Serving hairdressers & beauticians
  •   Skincare & anti-ageing solutions
  •   Body treatment creams
  •   Slimming & anti-cellulite
  •   Daily vitamin cosmetics

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Display Fixtures & Materials
We Deliver

We at Noriva Ltd offer our clients a wide and eclectic choice of display fixtures and materials that will present your store with the aesthetic that you are looking for. From mannequins to window salon accessories and showcases, we have it all.

  •   Product shelves
  •   Salon shelves
  •   Salon display materials
  •   Salon display fixtures
  •   Beauty salon display supplies
  •   Chairs and tables for salons

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Hair Care Products
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Whether you have a salon in Malta or in Gozo contact us so that we can help you stock your salon to the best it can be. Our vast range of Dikson hair care and Keratin treatments are sure to make that possible. So choose Noriva Ltd.

  •   Professional hair care treatment products
  •   Supplying hairdressers & barber shops
  •   Revitalising hair products
  •   Hair styling products
  •   Products for all hair types
  •   Importers of Dikson hair products

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Hairdressing Equipment & Supplies
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you're opening a salon do not look any further, at Noriva Ltd we can help you stock your salon as well as furnish it. From barber chairs, reception units to Parlux hair dryers we got it all. So look no further and contact us for more information.

  •   Products for hairstylists & beauticians
  •   Delivery for Malta & Gozo
  •   Furnishings for salons
  •   Awards winning products
  •   50+ years of experience
  •   Repair center available

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Beauty Salon Equipment & Supplies
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you need equipment and supplies for your salon look no further, at Noriva Ltd we have all you might need, contact us now whether you need a massage bed or display counters we will help make your salon a dream come true at the best price possible.

  •   Professional salon equipment for beauticians
  •   Maintenance & repair services
  •   Modern hair removal equipment
  •   Durable beauty salon furniture
  •   Facials & slimming treaments equipment
  •   Delivering to Malta & Gozo

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Cosmetics & Perfumes
We Deliver

Contact us for the best cosmetic products on the market at the best possible prices and we are sure you will not be disappointed. Our San Soucis range of products will cater to every skin type whether for personal or professional use.

  •   Cosmetics and perfumes
  •   Branded perfumes
  •   High-quality cosmetics
  •   Face and body cosmetics
  •   Internationally renowned brands
  •   Luxury brands

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