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TNS Furniture Movers

B’Bugia, Malta ( +2 more locations ) | Furniture Movers
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

For professional furniture removals contact the moving experts. TNS Furniture Movers will help you with your move and supply things like boxes and bubble wrap that you might need. They offer free on-site quotes and 24/7 service.

  •   Furniture Removals
  •   Free Quote
  •   Affordable Prices
  •   Lifter Service
  •   24/7 Service
  •   Disassembling & assembling of furniture

Ivan Mifsud Funeral Services

B’Kara, Malta | Marble & Granite

Whether it's marble or granite, Ivan Mifsud Funeral Services takes care of designing, ordering & installing tombstones and memorial plaques. Whatever style, size or shape you wish we can create it. Consult with our dedicated team whenever you need!

  •   Tailor-designed tombstones
  •   Installations of tombstones
  •   Marble or granite tombstones
  •   Any shape or size
  •   Complete funeral arrangements
  •   Professional advice

Securtek Limited

San Gwann, Malta | Burglar Alarm Systems
We Deliver

Invest in high-quality burglar alarm systems and ensure that your family, property and assets are fully protected. We install as well as offer a repair service for all of our products. We also provide free on-site consultation for your property.

  •   Business alarm systems
  •   Domestic alarm systems
  •   Burglar deterrents
  •   HD CCTV solutions
  •   Fire alarms
  •   Access control systems

Paul Tonna Son Of Santu

Rabat, Malta | Undertakers
  • Marketplace

With Paul Tonna Son of Santu of Rabat, you can get a variety of funerary services and solutions including burials at sea, cremations, locally made and imported coffins, international repatriation services, and religious burials.

  •   24hour funeral services
  •   Local & Overseas
  •   Burial at sea
  •   Hearse hiring & chauffeur service
  •   Cremations & International Repatriations
  •   Locally made or imported coffins

JF Security & Consultancy Services Ltd

B’Kara, M | Security Systems Consultants

Looking for an adequate security system for your business premises, residential property or special event? Consult with our highly experienced & trained security experts to create the perfect strategy for your needs & complete peace of mind.

  •   Personalised security plans
  •   Experienced security staff
  •   For businesses & events
  •   On-site security surveys
  •   24/7 surveillance solutions
  •   Cost-effective security systems

CP Waterproofing

B’Kara, Malta | Waterproofing Contractors
  • Marketplace

If you are looking for a way to protect your building from water and humidity seepage, we at CP Waterproofing are the right people for you.

  •   Over 20 years experience
  •   10-year guarantee
  •   Damp proofing
  •   Drains & attachments
  •   Insulation paint
  •   Liquid & bitumen membrane

Karmenu Mifsud Funeral Services

Qormi, Malta | Undertakers
  • Marketplace

We at Karmenu Mifsud Funeral Services in Qormi offer you the possibility of having a team of undertakers take care of you and your funerary arrangements in a dignified and highly respectful manner.

  •   A fleet of 6 hearses
  •   A selection of coffins
  •   Memorials & Death Certificates
  •   Floral & church arrangements
  •   Family & relatives transportation
  •   Step-by-step consultation

Ivan Mifsud Funeral Services

B’Kara, Malta | Undertakers
  • Marketplace

Ivan Mifsud Funeral Services offers a range of funerary and undertaking services including cremation, burial at sea and overseas burial. We will take care of all the necessary arrangements that need to be made during this time of need.

  •   24/7 services offered
  •   Different hearse models available
  •   Memorials, Holy Pictures & Obituaries
  •   Local & Overseas burials
  •   Burials at sea & cremation
  •   Flower arrangements & memorial works

Michelle Colombo

Sliema, Malta | Undertakers
  • Marketplace

Michelle Colombo is a funerary director that can provide you with a range of services and solutions that include burial at sea, memorial card provision, supply of coffins and caskets and international transport services.

  •   Local & overseas funerals
  •   Worldwide repatriation services
  •   Burial at sea & cremation
  •   Death certificate arrangements
  •   Preparation of body & undertakers
  •   Religious & non-religious funerals

EM Drainage Technicians

Siggiewi, Malta | Drainage Technicians & Services
  • Marketplace

Got a problem with your drainage system? Talk to us now & leave it in our hands to do the dirty work. We repair, replace, clean & carry out maintenance works on water pipes, kitchen drains, gullies, blocked toilets, sewers & more. Call us.

  •   Domestic & commercial
  •   Installation of new drains
  •   Repairs & cleaning of pipes
  •   Trenching works
  •   Blocked gullies, toilets & sinks
  •   Modern equipment & machinery

ACJ Cleaning & Hospitality Services

B’Bugia, Malta | Cleaning Services-General
  • Marketplace

With ACJ Cleaning & Hospitality Services you will get a myriad of professional cleaning solutions designed to present you with a sparkly clean home or premises. From floor washing to polishing, window cleaning and general maintenance

  •   Carpet & upholstery cleaning
  •   Window cleaning
  •   Cleaning of hospitals & clinics
  •   Environmentally cleaning products
  •   Floor washing & polishing
  •   Residential & commercial cleanning
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Securtek Limited

San Gwann, Malta | Closed Circuit Television Systems (Cctv)

Make sure that your property is fully secured thanks to our state-of-the-art CCTV systems. We have years of experience in the installation and monitoring of security systems, providing reliable and complete services to businesses and homes.

  •   Full HD CCTV
  •   Free on-site consultations
  •   Installations, repairs & maintenance
  •   Digital & IP cameras
  •   Indoor & outdoor applications
  •   Domestic & commercial solutions

HMS Group

Mosta, Malta | Skip Rental & Services
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Throwing away old furniture, clearing a home or getting rid of construction waste is a complete headache for anyone. However, we at HMS Group are here to make the job easier for you. Contact us today for our range of skip-hiring solutions.

  •   Residential & Commercial waste removal
  •   Delivery & pick-up of skip
  •   Skip hire service available everyday
  •   Small & Large skips
  •   Compliant service with local authorities
  •   Modern fleet of skip trucks

JF Security & Consultancy Services Ltd

B’Kara, M | Security Guard & Patrol Service
  • Marketplace

Do you need security guard protection? We offer our customers a wide range of security options. We offer Manned Guarding, Mobile Response Units, Reception Security, Security Consultancy Services, Control Room Services and Visitor Management Systems.

  •   Various security guard options
  •   Customised security services
  •   On-site security requirement surveys
  •   Manned Guarding Services
  •   Mobile Unit Security Services
  •   24/7 security solutions

Camron Garage

Rabat, Malta | Cab Service

Avoid the hassle of driving & book our cab service now! We're here 24/7 to drive you in style & safely wherever you need to be, on time. Our fleet consists of highly modern vehicles, fully air-conditioned & designed to give you that VIP treatment.

  •   Personalised cab service
  •   Airport transfers
  •   Modern fleet
  •   24/7 transport services
  •   VIP tours
  •   Clubbing & other events

ACJ Cleaning & Hospitality Services

B’Bugia, Malta | Employment Agencies
  • Marketplace

Whether you are looking for a full or part-time worker, we at ACJ Cleaning & Hospitality Services are the ideal choice for you. As an employment agency, we are able to present you with the ideal candidate for the position

  •   Recruitment process management
  •   Shortlisting of candidates
  •   Scheduling of interviews
  •   Serving various industries
  •   Assistance with payroll
  •   Professional & meticulous research
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Christopher Farrugia DipMLS, PgD Forensic Science(UK)

Rabat, Malta | Dna Profiling Services
  • Marketplace

DNA testing for legal or personal paternity / maternity, prenatal paternity testing, inheritence & estate management, familial testing, refugee & asylum seekers, Consular DNA testing twin zygosity. Animal DNA testing for birdsexing, pedigree, etc

  •   DNA Profiling Tests
  •   Family Tree Investigations
  •   Paternity & Maternity Tests
  •   DNA Healthy Weight Test
  •   Animal DNA Testing
  •   Crime Scene Investigations

Camron Garage

Rabat, Malta | Mini Buses-Charter
  • Marketplace

Searching for minibus drivers? We offer minibus and cab transport to both local and tourists in both the Maltese and Gozo islands. We got Mercedes and Ford Transit Minibuses. You can rely on us to provide affordable, reliable and safe transport.

  •   24/7 based services
  •   Individual & group transport
  •   Family-run Business
  •   14-20 seater minibusses
  •   Quotations Available
  •   Full or half-day tours available

Karmenu Mifsud Funeral Services

Qormi, Malta | Chauffeur Service

Contact us if you need compassionate & supportive funeral services that include professional & friendly chauffeur services. Our modern fleet includes two silver & two black hearses & vehicles for transportation of relatives & friends.

  •   Two silver hearses
  •   Two black hearses
  •   Transport for the celebrant
  •   Transport for relatives & friends
  •   Modern fleet of vehicles
  •   Friendly chauffeur service

Kavallier Security Services Ltd

Msida, Malta | Security Guard & Patrol Service
  • Marketplace

Professionally trained security guards for personal or business level protection. We offer hotel security to static guarding, VIP protection, night patrol, remote CCTV and private investigation. We are dedicated to keeping you safe.

  •   Licensed security guards
  •   Immediate security provision
  •   24hr CCTV monitoring
  •   24hr alarm monitoring
  •   Security consultancy services
  •   Fire fighting & first aid training

Michelle Colombo

Sliema, Malta | Tombstones

Michelle Colombo is your go-to funeral services company that is available 24/7 providing you with compassionate and easy solutions. We have a wide range of tombstones and headstones in various materials, and can also include inscriptions. Contact us!

HMS Group

Mosta, Malta | Excavating Contractors
We Deliver

Digging for pools, wells or underground garages is a hassle-free project when relying on HMS Group. We are equipped with multiple excavators, including machinery to carry out work in restricted spaces. Call us for an on-site consultation.

  •   Modern excavation equipment
  •   Excavation of various surfaces
  •   Digging and trenching works
  •   Demolition and alterations
  •   Rock cutting solutions
  •   On-site consultations

ANT Removals

Tarxien, Malta | Furniture Movers
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We offer a wide range of services in Malta, Gozo and Sicily such as moving, lifting, storage, shipping & mantling of fixed furniture. We work twenty four hours, seven days a week. Get high quality service for affordable prices. Call us today!

  •   Over 20 years experience
  •   Services in a number of countries
  •   Delivery up to 14 floors
  •   Commercial & residential premises
  •   Clutter removal services
  •   Disposal & recycling

Salvu Mifsud

Zebbug, Malta | Waste Removal Services

For a wide selection of waste removal solutions and services, contact Salvu Mifsud today. The skips, portable toilets and wheelie bins offered by Salvu Mifsud are ideal for commercial and residential use.

Salvu Mifsud

Zebbug, Malta | Toilets-Mobile (Rental)
  • Marketplace

When it comes to organising an event, having someone like Salvu Mifsud provide you with portable rental toilets is the way to go. They are convenient, versatile, easy to move and will accommodate your guests in a compact and easy-to-manage manner.

  •   Mobile toilets rental
  •   Always thoroughly sanitised
  •   Suitable for events
  •   Suitable for construction sites
  •   Delivery & removal included
  •   Affordable hiring rates

EM Drainage Technicians

Siggiewi, Malta | Drainage Pipes

We supply only the highest quality and most durable drainage pipes in Malta, so you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about your drainage pipes for a long time.

  •   High-quality drainage pipes
  •   Long-lasting solutions
  •   Latest equipment & machinery
  •   Repairs & cleaning of pipes
  •   Trenching works
  •   Trusted drainage pipe brands

ANT Removals

Tarxien, Malta | Furniture-Lifting
We Deliver

We are your go-to furniture lifting company for any kind of furniture and whatever type of building. Our lifter can take up to 400 kg in weight and go up to 14 storeys in height, simply let us know what you need and we will give you a free quotation.

Grease trap Cleaning Malta

Zebbug, Malta | Drainage Technicians & Services

Salvu Mifsud offers a range of grease trap solutions for restaurants, cafeterias, take-away places, hotel kitchens and more. Scheduled cleaning solutions are also offered.

Central Cranes & Hoist Hire Ltd

Swieqi, Malta | Cranes

If you are doing renovations on your home or for any other reason you are looking to hire cranes, you should contact us today and we will provide you with all the details you need and a vast variety of choices when it comes to cranes.


B’Bugia, Malta | Stainless Steel Works

If you have a project with stainless steel involved, contact the skilful engineers of Tecserv. We specialise in CNC cutting and laser cutting for different stainless steel fabrications such as furniture, signage, storage cabinets & more. Call us!

Christopher Farrugia DipMLS, PgD Forensic Science(UK)

Rabat, Malta | Clinics-Private

Paternity DNA tests for personal and/or legal use. Inheritance Testing and Grandparentage tests. Veterinary Dna testing for pure breeds, birdsexing, pedigree and parentage. DNA analysis for Skincare, Healthy Weight Management, Food & Pet Sensitivity

Central Cranes & Hoist Hire Ltd

Swieqi, Malta | Crane & Hoist Hire
  • Marketplace

Our company can provide you with high quality mobile cranes & city cranes for hire. We are a reliable company that will provide you with safety & security as well to quality when it comes to hoisting machinery. Contact us today for more information.

Garden of Eden Ltd

Ghaxaq, Malta | Mini Buses-Charter
  • Marketplace

Get to your destination in time & hassle free with our tailor-made minibus charters! We have 10, 14 & 16 seaters for 24hr transportation - work transfers, airport transfers, tours around Malta, point-to-point transfers & more! Book your charter now!

Professional Survey Services

Zabbar, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Land Surveyors
  • Marketplace

Hire us for your next construction project. We do different types of surveys on land or already built property by providing you with CAD drawings, accurate measurements, topographic surveys, detailed plans & more. Consult with us today!

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Salvu Mifsud

Zebbug, Malta | Skip Rental & Services
  • Marketplace

For a range of skip rental services and solutions, contact Salvu Mifsud today. He can offer you a choice of solutions that will help you deal with unwanted trash in a proficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

  •   Bins on wheels
  •   Plastic wheelie bins
  •   Short-term hire
  •   Long-term hire
  •   Various sizes
  •   Residential & commercial needs

Nexos Lighting & Video

Marsa, Malta | Lighting Equipment-Rental

Nexos Lighting & Video is a trusted lighting & video equipment provider for Clubs, Theatres, Television, Studios, All Live Entertainment, Events and more. Discover our unlimited range of equipment for hire.

Philip Buhagiar Drainage Works

B’Kara | Drainage Technicians & Services
  • Marketplace

From low water pressure to blocked drains or burst pipes, Philip Buhagiar Drainage Works can present you with the ideal solution when the unexpected happens. Available 24hrs. Get in touch with us today!

Garden of Eden Ltd

Ghaxaq, Malta | Coaches-Charter
  • Marketplace

Need personalised transport services around Malta? Let us take you where you need with our professional coach charters for full, half day & night tours, school transport, airport transfers & other, for large groups! Spacious luggage room & comfort!

Philip Buhagiar Drainage Works

B’Kara | Drainage & Waste Water Infrastructure

Ensure a fully functional drainage and wastewater system around your residential or commercial property thanks to Philip Buhagiar Drainage Works. He unclogs sinks, showers & toilets, does cleaning of cesspits, fixes leaking pipes & more. Call!

Tablets & More

Qormi, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Mobile Phones & Accessories
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you are looking to purchase a new mobile phone visit Tablets & More today. We provide great prices & quality and excellent after sales service. We stock brands such as Samsung ,Xiaomi, Apple, Huawei, One Plus and more.

SNA Malta

Naxxar, Malta | Domestic Appliances
  • Marketplace

For the latest electronic equipment & supplies, trendy home appliances, mobile accessories, health & wellness gadgets & others. Providing you with free delivery & shipping all over Malta & satisfaction guarantee!

Antonio Lifting Services

Safi, Malta | Furniture-Lifting
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Lifter up to 7 storeys with a maximum load of 400 Kg per load. Ideal for lifting furniture, tiles, sofas, bathrooms, gypsum, appliances and much more. Very punctual and professional. We cater for Emergencies. Covered with insurance.

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Diamond Lounge Limousine by Garden of Eden Ltd

Ghaxaq, Malta | Chauffeur Service
  • Marketplace

With Garden of Eden Ltd transport organisation is never complicated. Just give us a call to tell us a time and date and one of the drivers will come pick you up.

MG Administrators Ltd

Attard, Malta | Condominium Administration
  • Marketplace

MG Administrators Ltd. offers outstanding condominium management services including safety checks, cleaning, maintenance of lifts, debt collection, payments, 24/7 emergency services & much more. We also offer general property management services.

***** Handyman Service

Sliema, Malta | Handyman Services
  • Marketplace

Require the services of a handyman? We provide the services of a handyman to all of our clients. We do a variety of jobs for all of our clients and handle work project by project. We offer well-rounded services. Contact us.

TNS Furniture Movers

B’Bugia, Malta | Storage-Household & Commercial
  • Marketplace

Call TNS Furniture Movers if you need to store your items in a place that is always CCTV secured and free of the effects of humidity. We offer a 24/7 service and free quotations with a guarantee of safe keeping at competitive prices.

Mifsud Brothers

Mosta, Malta | Excavating Contractors
  • Marketplace

Got a new construction project in mind? We are the excavating contractors you need for swimming pool or basement digging, rotary cutting & more using modern machinery. Providing free on-site quotes on small & large projects!

Garden of Eden Ltd

Ghaxaq, Malta | Car Leasing
  • Marketplace

Looking to rent out a new car for short or long term periods? We at Garden of Eden are the ideal choice for you. With us, you can get your hands on a range of modern, luxurious and comfortable vehicles.

Camilleri Funeral Directors International

San Pawl Il-Bahar, Malta ( +2 more locations ) | Undertakers
  • Marketplace

Camilleri Funeral Directors cater for all funeral planning needs in a professional & dignified manner.  As undertakers we provide funeral services in Malta and cremation services in Sicily or United Kingdom. Exclusive agents Misterbianco Cremazioni

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First Car Rental

Luqa, Malta | Car Leasing
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you are looking for a used vehicle at a reasonable rate, and which performs and looks like new, then come to First Car Rental Malta. We have a fleet of used, but highly maintained vehicles to choose from.

  •   Comfort, safety & affordability
  •   Frequently updated vehicles
  •   Comprehensive insurance included
  •   Manual & automatic cars
  •   24hr road side assistance
  •   Routine vehicle maintenance

Mr Clean Gozo Agent

Victoria-Gozo, Gozo | Cleaning Services-General
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

* Window Cleaning * Carpet & Sofa Cleaning
* Maid Service * Floor Maintenance
* Turnkey Cleaning Contractors


San Gwann, Malta | Insulation Materials-Cold & Heat
We Deliver

We at Kerk Ltd in San Gwann offer our clients a range of insulation materials for both hot and cool air. We provide you with a selection of jablo and expandable polystyrene products.

Faith Garage

Sta Venera, Malta | Mini Buses-Charter
  • Marketplace

24/7 punctual and reliable minibus services. Special prices for large groups going to party areas, or on half or 1-day tours, We also offer trips to and around Gozo. Free wifi on board. Competitive pricing and professional services.

Rennie Scicluna

Gudja, Malta | Garden Furniture
  • Marketplace

For stylish, resistant & practical garden furniture, look no further than Scicluna Rennie. Our furniture comes in metal, wood, plastic & iron and is waterproof. We also have lovely gazebos and outdoor heavy-duty umbrellas as protection from the sun

Carlo Farrugia - Malta Online Dictionary Ltd Interpreting & Translation Services

Naxxar, Malta | Translators
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We provide industry-leading translation and interpretation services for all of our customers. At the heart of what we do is a personalised, professional, detailed and confidential service to meet our clients' needs.

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Dr Andre' Portelli LL.B., LL.M., (Eur.Law), LL.D.

B’Kara, Malta | Lawyers

This boutique law firm provides legal assistance and representation in disputes relating to civil, criminal, commercial, employment law and industrial relations. A personalised approach ensures that your needs are placed at the centre of every brief.

Alex Camilleri Skip Hire

B’Bugia | Skip Rental & Services

For a fast & reliable skip hire service contact Alex today. Whether it's bulky refuse such as furniture, mixed recycled waste, construction debris or others, he's got you sorted with 15 large skips & 5 small skips to suit every need. Contact Alex!

Mifsud Brothers

Mosta, Malta | Building Alterations
  • Marketplace

Mifsud Brothers is the company to rely on for all kinds of building alterations. We take care of all the hard work for you to give you the end result you deserve. Whether you need to fix up your home or expand your office building, we can handle it!

Cancu Coaches

Zejtun, Malta | Coaches-Charter

At Cancu Coaches we try to offer to the clients that come with us the most comfortable as well as safest journey to the clients. Any services that you may need we will try to offer you to make sure you are satisfied with what we can provide.

Gozo Lifting Services

Victoria-Gozo, Gozo | Furniture-Lifting
  • Marketplace

Be it bulky personal contents, furniture or finishing materials... We have the solution to lift to your upper floors through even the most restricted areas with our various ladder lifters.

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