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6 Affordable destinations Maltese travellers should consider

by Yellow 286 Days

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Even if it is possible to travel around the world in 80 days, it definitely wouldn’t come cheap! Many of us love exploring new countries, but most of us also have a limited budget. 

Instead of sacrificing your bank account, have a look at these 7 beautiful destinations from around the globe that, with proper planning ahead, could actually be surprisingly affordable for Maltese holidaymakers to visit in 2018. 


When we think of magical European destinations, this small forested country located near the Baltic Sea is rarely on anyone’s bucket list. Estonia boasts a unique blend of both the Nordic and Eastern European cultures. With half of its terrain consisting of woodland, it’s basically like stepping into your favourite fairytale book. 

Accommodation in Estonia is quite budget-friendly, including in the modern capital of Tallinn. If you stick to public transport, local cuisine and the endless range of free outdoor activities, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy this gorgeous country at an unexpectedly cheap price. 


This fascinating Latin American country is a top choice for travellers looking for breathtaking scenery, adrenaline pumping activities and unique cultures, all without breaking the bank. With less than €40 a day, you should be able to satisfy all your basic living expenses, and much more!

Most tourist attractions and activities in Bolivia are very well-priced and run by extremely helpful tour guides. Whether you’re after thrill-seeking treks and explorations, or you just want to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, you will surely get your (little) money’s worth when choosing this destination.


Morocco is known worldwide for its walled medieval cities and maze-like alleys filled with colourful marketplaces. The former imperial city of Marrakech in particular has slowly become one of the most popular choices with Maltese travellers, thanks to both its iconic scenery and affordability. 

Getting around Morocco, and dipping your toes into its culture, is far from expensive. Their public transport will get you almost anywhere with as little as €1, and food is sold abundantly at very low rates from most markets. 


Whichever city or region you go to in this Eastern European gem, your wallet will never suffer. You can visit beautiful cities like Kraków, Wroclaw or the capital Warsaw, or stay in the picturesque resort town of Zakopane which lays at the base of the Tatras mountains. In any case, everything is very cheap; from accommodation and transport expenses, to food and souvenirs. 

If you don’t want too spend a lot of money on your next holiday, but you still want to experience something different from mainstream European destinations, Poland might just be the country for you. 


If you move away from its expensive beach resorts, exploring the more authentic side of Mexico can be much more reasonable. Merida, Guanajuanto and Oaxaca are just some of the often overlooked Mexican cities, offering relatively cheap accommodation and cuisine alongside a proper once-in-a-lifetime taste of South American culture. 

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can easily board a cheap flight to a neighbouring nation like Guatemala or Ecuador, which are also very affordable backpacking destinations.


This vibrant paradise is the largest island country in the world, and also a perfect place for travellers on a budget. With over 17,000 islands to its name, Indonesia offers never-ending white sand beaches perfect for relaxing when the jet lag sets in.

The countless rainforests with magnificent ancient temples, the breathtaking lagoons filled with geological wonders, and the sunkissed flower fields that cover most of the country, all make Indonesia a travel opportunity that is not to be missed. Not to mention the extremely cheap accommodation and public transport options available, especially in tourist-friendly cities like Jakarta. 

Do any of these 6 fantastic destinations tick all your boxes? Contact any of the Travel Agencies listed on Yellow, and satisfy your wanderlust this year! 

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