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How to Choose the Right Hair Care Products

by Joseph Brincat Ltd

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If you are not satisfied with the current condition of your hair, it might mean you are not using the right hair care products. If you want to keep it healthy, you still need the right care. Check how to choose the right hair care products to achieve the desired effects and be proud of your hair.

Hair Types

Sadly, most of us are struggling with something we don't like about our hair. Whether it's lack of volume or oily look, we can change that, thanks to the right hair products. The key to choosing the right one is understanding what's wrong with our hair and what's the reason of it. There are several types of hair conditions, correctly identifying yours will help you to get the right treatment.

The basic type of hair is straight, wavy, curly and kinky. You surely know which one you have. More tricky might be establishing whether you have thin or thick hair. The best way to see is to check how much of your scalp can you see when separating your hair. More visible skin means thinner hair. The reason for thick and thin hair are the size and shape of the hair follicles. Scalp with a greater amount of large follicles will make thicker hair. Another thing to determine is whether your hair is oily or dry. However, it's possible to have dry ends and oily scalp. If your hair seems dry right after you wash them, that's a sign you have low porosity. Still, the scalp can produce too much oil and your hair might appear unfresh after a couple of hours after washing.

Range of Products

Nowadays, we have an overwhelming amount of hair products to choose from. Different types of products can not only help to keep your hair healthy but also give you that desired look. Surely, you don't need each and every one of them, everything depends on your hair type. Therefore, first, it's good to understand what kind of hair you have and which product you actually need. From conditioners to gels and mousses, you can find something for each and every type of hair.

Product Type vs. Hair Type

You don't need to use ten different products, even if your hair is in a really poor condition. If you use too many products, it might actually lead to an opposite result, hair under too heavy treatment might react badly. With the right adjustment, all you will need are few products suited to your hair condition. First, define how healthy is your hair and what would be the best way to take care of it. Adjust your shampoo and conditioner to your hair's needs, for dry, oily, dyed and thin hair. Then decide if you want straight, curly or wavy hair and if it's your natural hair type. Adjust the products accordingly - hairsprays, mousse or gels for whatever shape you desire.

Right Protection


Everyday your hair is being damaged by hot and cold weather, hair dryer, hair straightener and any other styling process. To avoid that, you need the right products to protect your hair from everyday challenges. If you go to the beach don't forget to put some filter on your hair as well. It's always better to prevent damages than to fix them.

Try First

Do buy 500 ml of a product you've never used before. You don't know how your hair and skin will react to it and if it will be suitable for you. Instead, make a trial period and test it for some time first. Even if a product has great reviews and is of good-quality, it might not be good for you. Each hair and skin is different and reacts in its own way. To be safe try it first for few times, it might save you a lot of money, especially when it comes to expensive brands.

Ask a Professional


If you're not sure what type of hair you have or what kind of products would be the best for you, ask a professional staff at a store or your hairdresser. Your hairdresser should be able to advise you and give some good recommendations. If you like the products used during your visit, you might want to purchase those. They might be expensive but at least you will know how your hair reacts to them. Otherwise, ask for something possibly similar with a lower price.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Even the best products can be useless if you don't keep the right diet. Keep your nutritions in check and make sure you have a balanced diet. Essential vitamins for healthy hair are vitamin B7 (biotin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin A, C and E. Getting sufficient amount of zinc, iron and proteins is important as well. Try to compose your meals to have a variety of nutrients and you can be sure your hair will appreciate it.


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