6 Reasons why you should get a pet rabbit

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Pet rabbits are absolutely adorable! If your home is too small for a dog, and you feel like cats are just too aloof, consider adopting a cute pet rabbit. Bunnies are loyal companions, they’re great at listening (with those big ears) and can live up to 10-12 years when taken care of well. Here are 5 (semi-unbiased) reasons why fluffy little bunnies are the best pets.

Rabbits don’t take up much space

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You don’t have to rearrange your home or your schedule. If you live in a small apartment, that’s fine. Fortunately, rabbits don’t need much space. If you have a small-fenced garden or courtyard, that’s perfect! Your pet rabbit can just hop around without you needing to keep guard. Otherwise, you can just use an indoor rabbit cage (some are super luxurious).

Cleaning up after rabbits isn’t a nightmare

Rabbit waste is small, dry and quite odourless. Rabbit droppings resemble round pellets and they’re generally easy to clean up. Some people even compost their rabbit’s waste and turn it into garden fertiliser. Now that’s taking eco-friendly living to another level!

Bonus tip: You can also train your pet rabbit to use a litter box (good luck with that).

Rabbits inspire you to maintain a healthy diet

If you’ve been wanting to attempt a vegan lifestyle, now’s your chance! Considering rabbits are herbivores, you’re going to be living with a roommate that’s 100% vegan. It will be easy to switch to a healthy diet, considering you’ll have to stock up on carrots, fruits and vegetables anyway. 

Rabbits love to hop around

You don’t have to take them out for daily walks, which is convenient, but you can if you want to. Rabbits love spending time outdoors, and the fact that you can take them out for a stroll on a leash, just like you would with a dog or cat, is amazing. Bunnies love to interact with family members, but make sure they don’t hop away for good.

Rabbits are better pets for allergy sufferers

Good news! People who are allergic to dogs and cats may find themselves surprisingly less allergic to rabbits. So, if you’ve always wanted a pet but couldn’t get one due to your allergies, perhaps a cute bunny is the perfect choice for you! But beware, pet rabbits come with hay, which can also cause serious allergic reactions. You may want to get an allergy test done before welcoming your new family member.

Rabbits are fluffy and fabulous comedians

Bunnies are natural comedians! Their body language and facial expressions can put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces. Pet rabbits never complain and they always listen. They also help reduce stress, as they’re fun to watch and they love to cuddle. Therefore, they’re great family pets (especially if you have children).

Did we mention pet rabbits are absolutely adorable?

There’s no denying that rabbit recipes are part of traditional Maltese cuisine, but perhaps now you can also see these little furry friends in a new light.

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  1. Yes, but also rabbits chew everything and don’t like to live in cage (of course!), So you have to secure your entire apartment to let them live free. Rabbits are not cheap as we think, vet fees can be really expensive. Rabbits live between 8 and 14 years like a dog! Huge responsibility for a really long time.

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