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Top 5 Benefits Of Updating Your Business Website Regularly

by Chiara Micallef

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Whether you have a modest website that showcases your services, or a full-blown e-commerce site designed to sell your products online – the importance of keeping it current and updated is imperative. 

The majority of people nowadays spend most of their time online. This is a factor which you can definitely use to your advantage. A lack of website updates means that you will be losing potential revenue. 

In this article, we will list the top reasons why you need to update your website on a regular basis. 

1. It Will Match Your Brand Identity

Whether you've simply changed your branding or introduced a range of new products to your repertoire, your website needs to reflect your business in the best manner possible. Not only will this keep your current and potential customers in the loop, but it will also help you build a more robust business strategy. Your website is your brand's face –  making it incumbent for it to reflect your business' identity. 

2. It Will Bolster Security 

Outdated security measures are more susceptible to get hacked or breached. Nowadays most websites store data on a designated server, making it crucial for you to ensure that it is never compromised or stolen – especially if your website retains your customers' data. Your content management system (CMS) must be regularly updated in order to keep up with the latest security standards.

3. It Will Generate More Traffic

Keeping your website's content updated can help your business in a number of ways. When creating stellar content, you will be able to rank better on Google and generate more traffic. Clients are more likely to trust a business if their information is updated and it ranks higher on a number of search engines. This will also bolster your domain's authority – the more searched for, reviewed and updated your content is, the more authority your domain will have. Search engines like Google hold high regard towards websites with relevant and updated information – like Wikipedia. 

Moreover, thanks to SEO implementation, you will get superior keywords related to specific topics. 

4. The Design Won't Look Old

The majority of web traffic comes from mobile phones. This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly, people are less likely to visit it. If your interface and design are not mobile-friendly, you might lose potential customers. By focusing on user experience and mobile-friendliness, you will be able to avoid having an outdated-looking website and interface. It's of no use having a cool new logo and slick branding if your website does not reflect your brand's identity in a straightforward and attractive manner. 

5. Keep Up With New Trends

Businesses need to integrate their websites to deliver a range of required service levels. Customers expect certain features on your website that include informative blog posts, contact forms, clear and accurate contact information and a streamlined online shopping experience. If your website has login features, they need to be swift, easy to use and require speedy login access. You can integrate your website to back-office orders, billing services and CRM systems. A website refresh is definitely the way to go if you are looking to update your web presence. 

In essence, the above points highlight why you need to keep your website updated. If you are looking for a website revamp, or you would like to create a new SSL certified website for your business, you can contact us at Yellow. 

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