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5 Tips To Organise Your Home Office And Boost Productivity


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In honour of National Organise Your Home Office Day, we at Yellow have decided to take this day as an opportunity to organise our (very disorganised) office desk. Home offices are nowadays a big part of our households due to recent events. While many people around the world have gone back to their offices, others are still working from the comfort of their own home. 

1. Say No To Clutter

Ok, so your working area at home might be a bit limited in terms of space, however, that does not mean that you have to keep the area cluttered and messy. Invest in shelving to keep your items organised. There are several stylish bookshelves available on the market which can be converted into a smart cubby storage system. 

2. Become More Organised 

Never underestimate the power of desktop paper holders and sorters. These staple office accessories can help you sort out and hide away any papers which you have lying around your home. You can find many sleek desk organisers in several local shops and stationers around Malta. 

3. Beautify Your Space 

Surround your working area with items you cherish. These can include family photos, decorative plants and things that put a smile on your face. They can also be clippings or other items which inspire you to work and be more productive. 

4. Keep Accessories Clean And To A Minimum

Try to keep desktop accessories to a minimum. This will leave you ample space to spread out your work-related items when needed. Keep small supplies out of sight and get your hands on folders, pen holders and magazine organisers to keep your desk as distraction-free as possible. 

5. Use Drawer Dividers 

Get rid of desk junk once and for all with a nifty drawer divider. You can keep any stray markers, paper clips, post-it notes, flash drives, business cards and other small gadgets organised and in an easily accessible space. 

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