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How To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

by Yellow

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Air conditioning is one of the best inventions humans have ever created. Nothing keeps you as cool for as long. But it's expensive and not very environmentally friendly. If you would prefer cheaper and more sustainable ways to keep your house cool this summer, try these.

Invest in blinds

Keeping the blinds closed or partially closed can make a huge difference to how much heat is let into your house. If you use 
venetian blinds, angle them down to allow in some light but reflect as much of the heat as possible. If you use shutters, close the ones facing the sun and open them once the sun has passed.

Windows and doors

It might seem like stating the obvious, but keeping windows and doors open as much as possible also helps keep your house cool. The island is blessed with frequent sea breezes that make it quite a way inland. Use it to your advantage.


Installing an awning on any south-facing garden can help keep the house from heating up too. As can planting trees to the south of the building. These are long-term options but if you're planning to live there for a few years, it might be worth the investment.

A clean sheet

Many of us have one set of bedding for cooler months and a lighter set for the warmer months. These go a long way to regulating your body heat, allowing you to sleep much better. Cotton is definitely the way to go during summer as it breathes and allows air to permeate.

Watch yourself

If you still have trouble keeping your house cool during summer, you should at least be able to control your own temperature. Drink cool drinks, stay out of the sunshine, take a cool shower and wear loose clothing to regulate your body heat.

Taking the air

Temperatures usually drop at night, so use this to cool the house as much as you can. Keeping windows and doors open where you can while maintaining security can help heat escape and cool night air come in. Then, close up in the morning to maintain a cooler house temperature.

Rabbit food

Eating cool food instead of hot meals can help keep your body temperature regulated and lower the kitchen temperature too. Nobody wants an oven running a 220C when it's 35C outside so either eat a salad or use an outdoor kitchen if you have one. Either way, plan your food according to the heat outside.

Fan club

A few strategically placed fans can make all the difference on those stifling hot days when the air isn't moving. Align them so they all push air in one general direction for maximum benefit. They are a relatively cheap and effective way to keep your house cool this summer.

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