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7 truly effective ways to protect yourself from the sun

by Yellow

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Nobody likes a sunburn. It doesn't look good and can have far-reaching ramification on your health. So how can you protect yourself in the sun while still getting that summer look? Malta has a truly enviable climate and we all want to make the most of it. If you're spending more time outdoors, you need to protect yourself. If you can do that while still looking good, all the better!

Here are seven ways you can enjoy the sunshine without missing out.

1. Cover up?SPFfff…

Sunscreen should be the first thing you put on before going out into the sunshine. The strength of the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) depends on your age, skin type, complexion and how long you're planning to stay out. Consider SPF15 a practical minimum though and keep topping it up throughout the day, especially if you go into the water.

2. The shades you need

Sunglasses are not only essential accessories that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, they can also make it easier to see where you're going and can be coordinated with your outfit. Whether you're the Aviator type or prefer something more contemporary, no day in the sun should be without them.

3. Where I lay my hat

Whatever your age or gender, a sunhat, baseball cap or hat of any kind can be very useful in protecting yourself from the sun. Even if you only wear it for a while, it can offer light relief from the sunshine and help keep your face in the shade even for a little bit.

4. A little shade never hurt no body

Spending a little while sitting in the shade should not be underestimated, especially around midday. Sitting under a tree or under the awning in a bar, the coolness and protection offered by a little shade can help your body cool down and offer a temporary respite from the heat.

5. Water, water everywhere

Water isn't just for swimming in and cooling down. It's for drinking too. Dehydration is a huge risk when spending a day out in the sunshine so you have to remember to keep yourself and your children hydrated. Drink small amounts of water every 15-20 minutes to give your body the liquid it needs to replenish that lost by sweat and by cooling your body.

6. Wearing thin

Wearing a light sundress, t-shirt, linen trousers or whatever for a little while during the hottest times of day is a very effective way to protect yourself from the sun. Something light and airy can help keep you cool as well as give your skin a rest from the UV rays. It can look good too!

7. Watch yourself

Keep an eye on your hydration levels, watch your skin, and be aware of becoming too hot, too exposed, too thirsty or too red. Even with all these precautions, the sun is a powerful thing that can damage you in a number of ways. Keep an eye on yourself throughout the day and be sensible, that way you can make the most of summer without suffering afterwards!

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