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7 Maltese Plants You Can Spot In The Wild

by Chiara Micallef

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When out on a hike, we usually encounter several lush plants and flowers on our path. However, not many of them are easy to identify. This article was written not only to help you learn more about Malta's beautiful wild flora but also to pay homage to the resplendence that our island has to offer. Here are seven Maltese plants that you can spot in the wild.

1. Maltese Toadflax


This lovely Maltese flower is a rare one that grows in exposed pockets of soil on rocky grounds. It is usually found in areas close to the sea. It's an indigenous Maltese plant that flowers between March and May. It can be found in other European countries such as Greece and Crete. 

2. Spineless Caper


The caper's flower is a sight to behold. This magnificent plant flowers between April and September. These plants play an important role, as the flowers are rich in pollen and attract bees. 

3. Borage


This popular plant has been making a comeback in local cuisine over the last couple of years. Borage is often used for ravioli, soups and even to flavour pickles in certain countries. Borage is also used as a garnish in several dishes thanks to its fresh and faintly sweet taste. It is mainly found in valleys and flowers between December and May.   

4. Golden Samphire 


This coastal plant forms part of the sunflower family and is mostly found in rocky coastal areas of Malta and Gozo. it thrives near globigerina limestone and one can find it anytime between July and October. The Golden Samphire is a semi-succulent plant and can withstand exposure to sea spray. 

5. Prickly Pear

Bajtar tax-Xewk

The prickly pear provides us with tasty fruits in the summertime. It was first introduced to our islands in 1492 and is mainly found close to fields, as in the past it was also used to prevent trespassers from entering fields. 

6. Maltese Sea Chamomile 

Bebuna tal-Bahar

Another member of the sunflower family, this delightful jewel is endemic to the Maltese islands. One can stumble upon the Maltese Sea Chamomile between February and May. This plant is known to thrive in harsh conditions.

7. Mediterranean Stonecrop 


This robust plant can be found in many localities in Malta and Gozo, as it grows in rocky areas. The Mediterranean Stonecrop flowers between June and July and grows mainly on shallow substrates. At times, it can be found on dry masonry or rocky crevices. 

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