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14 Beautiful Low-Maintenance Plants That Will Thrive In Any Maltese Home Or Office

by Chiara Micallef

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Beautiful, rewarding and pretty – plants are a true blessing for everyone who manages to keep them alive. If you are looking to get yourself one, two, or twenty low-maintenance plants, be it for landscaping or to keep indoors, these sturdy beauties are ideal for you.

Not only are they lovely to look at, but they're pretty much indestructible. They can handle neglect, however keep in mind that low-maintenance does not mean no maintenance. 

So whether you're good at gardening or not, these hardy plants might be the right ones for your home. From indoor plants to flowers, evergreens and succulents, check out these easy-to-care-for outdoor and indoor plants.

1. Verbena 

Verbenas are the most laid-back of flowering plants you can set your eyes on. They can be grown annually, but they prefer to keep a perennial schedule. They are tall and come in a lovely range of colours – blue, white, purple or pink. They attract butterflies and other pollinators, so be prepared to get some unexpected visitors in your garden with these happy-go-lucky plants. Bear in mind that the verbena needs at least six hours of sunlight everyday and prefers to be planted in well-drained soil. Overwatering is a huge faux-pas with this beauty. 

2. Jade Plant



This delightful plant doesn't need much. It loves hanging out in pH neutral soil and adores being exposed to full or partial sunlight. The best place for you to keep your jade plant is in your home, on a sunny windowsill or any area that is flooded with natural light. Jade plants do well in warm climates. 

3. Snake Plant


A staple in most Maltese homes, and for a reason. This plant is also known as Saint George's Sword or Mother-in-Law's tongue. There are around 70 different types of snake plants around the world, but this is the one most commonly found in Malta. Keep this lovely plant out of direct sunlight and do not water it too much – especially during the cold months.

4. Cactus


Cacti are the royalty of low-maintenance plants. They do not need much, and are happy to hang out in the scorching summer sun all day long. However be careful, as they can burn if not taken care of properly (do not place them behind glass windows) water your cacti once a week, however make sure that the soil is completely dry before watering them. 

5. English Ivy


Two rules: Don't overwater and don't leave in direct sunlight. Ivies are fairly easy and extremely rewarding to raise. These ferocious plants grow at an aggressive speed if you follow those two rules. They come in a variety of colours and a myriad of shapes. A wonderful plant to share your living space with.

6. Dwarf Citrus Trees


It's no secret that citrus trees do well in Malta. Once considered a luxury export by the Knights of Malta, these lovely trees can now make your way into your home even if you do not have a garden space. Dwarf citrus trees 

7. Cast Iron Plant


As the name suggests, the aspidistra is a true cast iron evergreen. Luckily for us, this lush beauty enjoys nothing more than humid environments. It's also drought resistant and does not like to be watered frequently. However keep in mind that this low maintenance beauty has to be kept away from direct sunlight.

8. Ponytail Palm


The ponytail palm is a shower not a grower – it can live for decades if well cared for, and thanks to its low maintenance needs, keeping it alive shouldn't be much of an issue. They grow at a pretty slow rate, however they can reach a height of 20 feet or more if planted outdoors. They are also grown as bonsai at times, and do well when grown indoors as well. These plants do well in both direct and indirect light, however they do prefer full sunlight. You can water this beauty every two weeks or so, just make sure that the soil is dry before watering. 

9. Rubber Fig

This medium-sized plant will be the star of the show in any home. It presents a lovely focal point thanks to its impressive height and peculiar waxy appearance. Rubber plants like light, but they don't fare well in direct sunlight, as it will cause their leaves to fall off. Soil needs to be kept moist in summer, however you can water it every couple of weeks in winter. If you are planning on leaving this beauty outdoors, you need to move it inside during the colder months, as the low temperatures will damage both roots and leaves. 

10. Phalaenopsis Orchid


These elegant plants are to be kept indoors and definitely not in direct sunlight. This monopodial plant needs to be watered weekly, but you can easily reduce watering times by adding water-storing bulbs in its soil. These plants just love humidity, making them the perfect addition to Maltese homes. 

11. Chinese Money Plant


These low-maintenance and low-care plants only need well-drained soil and access to bright light in order to thrive. The Chinese money plant is pretty much the perfect plant for beginners or super busy people, as it does not take up too much of your time to care for. Moreover, it's an extremely pretty and modern-looking addition to any home. 

12. Philodendron


Chances are that you already have one of these plants hanging out in your home or office. The philodendron is so easy to please, that even the most avid of accidental plant killers will have a hard time causing it any stress. They do not mind being neither indoor nor outdoors, and they adapt easily to changing conditions in a home. All that the philodendron would ask for if it could speak, is some indirect sunlight and an occasional watering. 

13. Spider Plant


Another impossible to kill plant, the spider plant is one of the most hardy and adaptable plants you can ever grow. Not only that, but it propagates insane amounts of mini spider plants which you can re-pot. The spider plant is the queen of low-maintenance, as it is extremely tough and will flourish in numerous conditions – as long as the soil is well-drained. 

14. ZZ Plant

This plant doesn't mind being left unwatered for long periods of time, as its rhizomatous root system can absorb and store water for long periods of time. It also does well in indirect light, however it's an easy to please plant, and won't complain if left in a room with little light. This foolproof plant is ideal to keep indoors, and will perform well in offices. You should never water a ZZ plant if its soil is still moist, meaning that in certain cases it has to be watered as little as once a month. 

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