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7 Innovative healthy packed lunch ideas

by Yellow

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It's time to start gearing up for school, and little brains need healthy food to fuel their energy. Preparing healthy lunches may be a hassle, as these take a lot of time and thought. You need to keep in mind your kid's nutritional requirements, while still coming up with something tasty. You also have to think about yourself, and make a wholesome meal which will get you through a busy workday.

Healthy cooking can be simple and enjoyable, so here are 7 innovative packed lunch ideas for the whole family.

Kale wraps

This takes a run-of-the-mill lunch idea, and turns it into a refreshing concept. Dry large kale leaves and remove their tough stems. Choose your favourite wrap fillings, and toss them onto the leaf. This may range from vegetables, to chicken or tuna. Place your fillings evenly, and wrap the kale leaf over.

Pizza roll-ups 

A meal that will make children and adults alike look forward to lunch! Use a tortilla wrap base, and spread tomato sauce on it. Cover the tortilla in spinach, and sprinkle some cheese on top. Microwave until the cheese starts to melt, and roll up the tortilla. Let it cool and cut into cylinders.

Bonus tip
– Garnish the roll-ups to your liking, and add vegetables to give your healthy meal an extra kick!

Salad jars

Proof that presenting food in an unexpected way can completely change your perception of it! Instead of tossing your salad into a large bowl, choose a sizeable mason jar and layer the ingredients on top of each other. This pleases the eye and makes unwilling kids excited to eat a salad.

Avocado BLT 

A healthy spin on a classic. Use all the ingredients synonymous with a BLT sandwich and swap butter for avocado spread. Simply mash an avocado, and spread on wholemeal bread. Layer this with bacon, lettuce, and tomato, giving a fresh taste to a midday meal.


The miniature version of a family favourite. First cook onions and bacon, and mix in eggs, cream and cheese. Meanwhile, use a cookie cutter to cut doughy circles out of a shortcrust pastry sheet. Push these into a muffin pan and pour in the bacon-cheese mix. Cook for around 12 minutes and put them in your favourite lunchbox.

Oat and cheese bars 

Mix flour, oats, and cheese in a bowl in equal amounts. Beat an egg and add it to the mixture along with a tablespoon of butter. Spread out on a tray and cook for 20 minutes. Once cool, slice into squares to create this unique, delicious snack.

Quinoa fruit salad 

Cook a portion of quinoa and let it sit. Now, let your imagination wander, and add whatever you desire. Do not be afraid to incorporate fruit, such as grapes or berries, as these boost your vitamins and taste delightful with the quinoa!

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