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Why every restaurant in Malta and Gozo needs this reliable booking system

by Yellow

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Handling restaurant bookings can be very time consuming. Every time the phone rings or an email, Facebook or SMS request comes in, you have to drop whatever you're doing to take that booking. Then there's the risk of people not turning up.

Tablein offers a solution. It is a very simple-to-use online booking system. Represented by Yellow, it's designed to help restaurants get reservations online, increase guest capacity, improve restaurant service and decrease no-shows. It makes booking a table easy for customers while saving time for restaurant owners.

From the moment a customer gets in touch requesting a booking, up until the point they set foot out of your establishment, Tablein takes care of everything digitally, 24/7. And it only takes about 15 minutes to sign up to Tablein and set it up for your own restaurant!


So, what is Tablein?

Tablein simplifies restaurant and booking management to the extent that it becomes a seamless part of your workday. Its many features will help you ditch the traditional diary and replace it with a more reliable and stress-free system, available to you at any time and from any device.

In other words, you'll be able to go about running your restaurant smoothly while the Tablein system takes care of everything else for you - addressing booking requests, sending automatic reminders to your clients, controlling your staff workload and so much more. And because you can access Tablein whenever you want and from wherever you please, it's easier to monitor without having to stop whatever you're doing.


How does Tablein work?

Tablein gives your customers access to a calendar or a table plan. Through the calendar option, customers can select an available date and time slot subject to your approval.

You can choose to offer your customers either of these two options depending on what you think they would prefer, or on what makes most sense for your restaurant.

Both the calendar and table plan are interactive and easy to manage, allowing your team to clearly see and keep up with reservations in real time. This will help save time allocating tables or filling empty slots, especially since cancellation notifications (either from the customer's end or from your restaurant's end) will pop up instantly for the receiving end with just one click.

And that's not all — International clients have the option of translating their view of your calendar or table plan into one of 25 languages available.


Ok, but why does my restaurant need it?

Hundreds of restaurants in 30 different countries have already successfully installed Tablein, with a 99% satisfaction rate. Restaurants all over Malta and Gozo are now jumping on board. Here's why!


Reservation-management made easy


Tablein makes managing reservations extremely easy thanks to its simple but result-effective tools. Instead of calling or Facebook-messaging you, customers can book a table online at any time, even when you're closed. This can be made possible with a Tablein widget on your yellow.com.mt listing, your website or your Facebook page.

This means that, once they find your restaurant from any of these sources, customers can request a reservation in a matter of seconds.


Guarantees customer satisfaction


Tablein prioritises making your customers happy even before they enter your restaurant. Whoever books a table will receive automatic reminders closer to the date, via SMS or email, in case they eventually decide to request changes to their booking or to cancel it altogether.

That way, apart from showing customers that you care about providing them a satisfactory experience, the risk of people not showing up is reduced.


Maximises your restaurant's performance

The success of your business doesn't depend only on the amount of happy customers you serve every day. Equally important is how well your staff members can handle your kitchen's heat, so to speak.

Once your team gets used to Tablein (which requires very little staff training since it's such a straightforward system), their performance will naturally become more efficient. Time lost replying to reservation requests, or settling arguments over booking-related misunderstandings, can instead be dedicated to your employees focusing on what they're actually meant to be doing.

Tablein also allows you to set up an account for each of your team members, whereby you can track their activity and manage their workload.


Other great features


Tablein automatically tracks your busiest days and hours, whilst keeping record of your whole client database — in compliance with GDPR, of course. This data, together with other marketing tools inbuilt in the system, can further help you bring in more bookings.


Ticket sales: Tablein lets you sell online tickets for events hosted by your restaurant.

Request deposits: The system allows you to request deposits from patrons during busy periods.

Promote offers: On quiet days, you can promote reduced prices on vacant tables through SMSs or emails sent to your existing customers.

Loyalty scheme: Tablein even makes it possible to create a loyalty system for your biggest supporters, and to let clients rate and review your restaurant.


Interested, but want to know more?

Tablein currently provides two affordable packages ideal for any restaurant in the Maltese islands. You can test either one with a free trial for a whole month! This free trial lets you access all of Tablein's features, including free installation and live support, giving you enough time to get used to the system, ask questions and decide whether or not it works for your business.

For as little as €39 a month, the Basic Tablein package adds on to your free trial the possibility of managing 150 bookings every month, which can become unlimited if you opt for the Premium package.

Have any other questions or queries? Get in touch with the Tablein support team by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also visit our website tablein.com for more information.



Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hardback planners, and say hello to the stress-free benefits that Tablein has to offer!

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