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Top team building events that won’t break the bank

by Yellow

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Team building will usually elicit two responses in an employee. They will either groan as they envisage forced jollity over some cheesy event that makes them feel awkward or they will relish an opportunity to be paid while having fun. Either way, team building events have an important part to play in business.
With many larger businesses working in silos or creating departmental divisions thanks to competition for resources, work needs to be done to bring people together. They can also improve cooperation and morale. Done right, team building events can encourage staff to break down barriers and work together in a fun environment.
Unfortunately, anything that doesn't directly contribute towards company profit or productivity is usually the first casualty of cost-cutting. Team building events are usually first to go, but it doesn't have to be that way.
Here are four team building events that won't break the bank.

Field trips

Sell a product made locally? Promote another business as part of your own? Arrange a field trip to see how that product is manufactured or how the other firm works. It will both educate and entertain staff while getting them mingling outside of the office environment.
Alternatively, arrange a visit to a local park, cinema, football match, a day at the beach or something equally relaxing. It doesn't have to cost much or anything at all if planned right.

Learn something new

Spending a day learning a new skill can be incredibly rewarding. Even if that skill has nothing to do with your work. Learning can be a great way to bring people together. You could learn to make cakes, mix cocktails, cook a particular dish, make chocolates, sail, surf or whatever.
It doesn't have to cost a lot and will boost morale and be fun at the same time.


Volunteering for a good cause is one of the most rewarding activities there are. You can volunteer as an individual or as a company, both of which reward the effort you put in with a satisfaction that easily repays the effort you put in.

Professional development

Depending on your industry, offering free professional development to staff benefits everyone. You get more skilled staff and a more flexible workforce. Your staff get free training and career development. Encourage anyone from any department to join and you can quickly break down barriers and find common ground.
Just make sure to create a fun, interactive environment for people to learn in and the results will follow.

Bringing people together in a work environment is an incredibly important part of running a business. If your company regards anything not tied directly to productivity as a cost rather than an investment, why not suggest one of these team building events that won't break the bank? You never know, they might think they are a good idea too!

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