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Securing A Promotion At Work In 6 Steps

by Yellow

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A promotion will never just fall into your lap. If you want to climb up the career ladder, simply doing a good job won't cut it. To secure a promotion, you need to take charge and be proactive.

Whether you are still in the early stages of your career, or you're a seasoned employee aiming for a higher position, these 6 tips will help you convince your boss that you deserve to be promoted.


Master your current position

Before you ask for a promotion, make sure you're already achieving the best possible results within your present role. Go the extra mile with the responsibilities you have so far, and knock it out of the park every time. Overachieving in your current position could easily grab the attention of your boss or manager.

Keep record of everything you've done to enhance your company in any way, which will make a good case for your promotion request. If you demonstrate that your skills and expertise make you a valuable member of the team, your chances of getting promoted will increase.



Be sure of your career goals
Reflect on how you want to progress professionally before prompting your superiors to promote you. Think about the goals you want to achieve in both the short term and long term within your company, and pinpoint why these can only be achieved by getting promoted. Then, whenever an ideal opportunity presents itself, inform management of your goals. That way, your name will stand out in their minds - even if there is a waiting list.

Bonus tip: Volunteer to help out in departments or teams other than your own. As opposed to persistently hinting at wanting a promotion, this will be subtle but effective proof that you want to help the company flourish.


Get your boss on your side

Getting promoted is pretty much guaranteed if your boss supports the cause. Use professional settings with your boss to stress your interest in staying and advancing within the company. Discuss any potential roadblocks to you being promoted, and how they can be overcome.

Don't wait for your boss to ask you for updates on projects you're working on. Take the initiative to fully inform him or her about your progress and to ask for feedback, so that you can gradually earn trust. Building this kind of communicative rapport will help your boss realise that you're more than capable of taking on a higher position.



Build a solid network
Persuading the people at the top to promote you is very challenging if you take it on as a solo project. No matter how skilled and promising you are, a helpful push from other colleagues can ensure that you get that coveted position. Network with as many people around the office as you can, especially with whoever might influence your boss's decisions.

Discuss your work with them, and ask for their opinion on how it can be improved. Do you think that they are aware of your strengths and your value to the company? Ultimately, a solid network should lead you straight to the top of promotion considerations. |

Bonus tip:
Find a mentor among your superiors. Some companies offer formal mentoring programmes. But if this isn't the case in your workplace, find someone who sees potential in you and who would be willing to guide you towards getting promoted.



Act professionally and be positive
Aside from your expertise and experience, possessing a professional work ethic and a positive personality will bring you closer to that promotion. Be dependable. Show that you're the go-to problem solver your department can always count on. At the same time, also take on the role of a team player. Gain the trust of your peers, cooperate with them and support them both when they succeed and fail.

Above all, present a positive attitude. A genuine smile and some upbeat charm will make you more approachable, as well as increase your chances of a successful promotion.


Create your own opportunities

Don't wait for an opportunity to come your way if you know that you can take action and make it happen sooner. Assess the needs and challenges of your company, and look out for anything you might be able to address or solve yourself. Once you find something, write up a proposal for a new position, or verbally bring it to the attention of your superiors.

Even if you don't end up getting promoted, taking your own initiative will put you in your boss's good books, and within closer reach of any other promotion opportunities that might crop up in the future.



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