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How to set up a Facebook page for your business

by Yellow 433 Days

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Facebook enjoys over 1.65 billion active users monthly, and almost everyone knows how to use it. Today, businesses can very easily reach their target audience through this platform. A Facebook page can quickly become a company's most effective way of attracting new customers. But there's more to a successful business page than designing a colourful cover photo and putting up posts. Here are some crucial tips on how to create a killer Facebook page for your business, and manage it well.

Fill out your profile completely

Aside from the basic information required to create any business page on Facebook, a solid description is key. In the 'Page Info' section, you can add some brief sections of information about your business that visitors can find helpful. Together with your address, phone number and email address, you can explain the mission of your company in detail. This means you don't have to limit yourself to the 155 character description that appears on the main page!

Manage your tabs

The tabs available for Facebook pages is increasing constantly. The different tab options, ranging from Photos and Videos to Events and Notes, can be ordered according to personal preference. If you want to promote your products without customers being linked to somewhere else and leaving your page, you can add a Shop tab for instance. You just need to agree to Facebook's terms, add a payment method and incorporate a way for people to contact you with customer service issues.

Bonus tip: Add a specific call to action button at the top of your page. Facebook allows different options for this button, which everyone can immediately see when they visit your page. The button can be adapted to lead people to email you, book an appointment with you or to direct them to your mobile app.

Choose your target audience

Your Facebook page will allow you to reach your customers directly and speedily. But knowing your audience, and essentially informing Facebook about it, will help you target those who actually require your products or services. You can specify the age, gender and location of the audience you want to target. You can also target based on people's interests, but doing so just when you are about to launch your page might decrease your pool too drastically.

Plan your Facebook feed

Don't just publish the first thing that comes to mind. Once you're happy with your page's profile picture and cover image, plan out what you want to start posting. Take into consideration the different types of posts you can go for - photos, text updates, links, videos, notes - you name it. Apart from deciding on your posting frequency, create a content plan corresponding to your boosting budgets (if you're willing to spend money on sponsored posts). But always be sure to make visual content a huge part of your Facebook strategy.

Bonus tip: For an immediate reaction to your page, start off with aesthetically-pleasing and attention-grabbing posts. You can go for a competition, or else a strategic post promoting an interesting offer people could get behind even if they've never heard of your business.

Advertise smartly

Instead of boosting individual posts, you can invest in Facebook adverts. Targeting an extremely specific audience through Facebook advertising will help you get to the people you truly need to reach. Once you establish a powerful following, and more and more people continue to get to know your Facebook brand, you needn't spend another Euro attracting more customers. But an initial financial push, as small as it may be, if used smartly and fully can prove to be priceless.

Special bonus tip:

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