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How to recruit the right person

by Yellow

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Nowadays, competition between jobseekers is fiercer than ever as people become better qualified in the areas they want to specialise in. As an employer, you want to make sure that whoever you recruit is not just well-qualified, but also motivated and experienced enough to perform the job, as well as the best fit for your company. But how do you nail this? Here are some suggested steps towards successfully recruiting the perfect person in today's overwhelming job market.

Advertise your job opening properly

To attract the right candidates to apply for your vacant position, you need to get the word out, and do it effectively. Whether you decide to advertise on newspapers, online noticeboards or your company's own Facebook page, use your wording carefully. Illustrate all the important details without rambling, and be as specific as you can in order to target the more suitable applicants.

Use your website and social media

Online presence is everything. If you already have a strong following on your website or social media, use them to the fullest. They are the perfect tools to promote your vacancies, especially if you want to save time and fill an opening as soon as possible. And if they are leaving much to be desired in terms of engagement, update and amplify them. Interested candidates will inevitably still browse through your website or social media to become familiar with your company, to determine for themselves whether they see themselves working in your environment.

Bonus tip:
 Consider all social media platforms, not just Facebook.

Get help sifting through applications

Receiving a chunk of CVs for one vacant position can be quite stressful to tackle on your own. Include your colleagues in the selection process, depending on the relevance of their role to the vacancy. If you'd rather have a few interview-ready candidates to choose from, instead of gathering lots of applications and taking your time to analyse them, you can outsource efficiently by working with a recruitment agency. This will be more expensive, but in the long run it will save you plenty of time.

Bonus tip:
Websites like monster.com can search through CVs intelligently and rank them according to your preferred categorisations.

Carry out effective interviews

Instead of grilling your candidates, ask them encouraging questions that enable them to voice their determination to land the job. Steer away from the cliché interview format of asking applicants where they see themselves in five years, or why they think that teamwork is important. By approaching interviews as crucial conversations that you yourself as an employer can learn from, rather than as interrogations, you can get a better idea of who you want as your newest team member.

Take everything into consideration, not just their CV

CVs are slowly losing relevance. On its own, a piece of paper listing someone's qualifications and past positions is not enough to help you decide whether they are the ideal person for the job. Whoever you employ needs to fit with your company's already-established culture, plus get on well with the rest of their colleagues. Look for candidates who have relevant practical experience. They will be more eager to contribute once they are trained, and they will not take as long to become accustomed to the way your company works.

Bonus tip: One thing you can definitely take note of from an applicant's CV is their level of commitment. You might want to avoid recruiting someone who has only worked in jobs for short periods, or has noticeably gaps between one job and the next.  

When your company's next vacancy comes up, carry out a comprehensive recruitment process that looks at the bigger picture. Does this candidate have enough potential to develop and become a great asset to your company? Will they be able to drive forward your company's goals and vision?
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