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How to organise an affordable summer staff party

by Yellow 421 Days

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A party is undoubtedly fun and exciting for employees, but it can be quite stressful for the company's owners or management. Organising a staff party is especially challenging for start-ups, or for businesses that are struggling to make ends meet. But for a summer staff party to serve as a much-needed break for everyone, it doesn't need to be a lavish event. Here is how to throw an inexpensive staff party this summer that will definitely go down well with your hard-working colleagues.

Ask your staff for advice

Don't be afraid to admit to your employees that you need their contribution. Crowdsourcing ideas from around the office can be the perfect start to your frugal party attempts. Your employees are the ones who will be enjoying the event, so why not get feedback from them? Get their creative juices flowing, and ask them how they would go about planning an affordable party, or in what ways they'd be willing to help out to make sure expenses don't go overboard.

Form a committee

Organising a staff party on your own, whilst keeping up with your own work commitments, can seem laborious. Speak to some of your colleagues who have experience hosting events, or who you think might be interested in helping out, and form a committee. Apart from pooling in ideas for the party, they can take some of the load off your shoulders and encourage everyone else to attend.

Use your own space

Renting a venue can be very costly. Might as well keep it familiar and use your own premises. You don't need to have a large office space, or a place in your company's building that is especially designated for events. Think creatively, and incorporate your employees' own place of work into the staff party. Plus, almost everyone will be able to make it because they won't have to travel anywhere away from the office.

Consider a Friday afternoon

Organising a staff party during office hours might seem like a no-go to many. In reality though, it's actually more affordable. Throwing the event throughout the last few hours of a Friday afternoon is ideal - your employees will work harder during the week because they have something to look forward to at the end of it, and the celebrations can go on for the rest of the evening.

Go for potluck

Ordering food is often stressful when you're trying to cater to everyone's taste and requirements. So why not ask everyone at the office to put on their chef's hat and contribute to the catering? With potluck, each employee can prepare their own savoury or sweet dish for the party. This of course will not cost the company any money, and you're sure to get your staff even more pumped for the event!

Bonus tip: Organise a competition! Carry out the potluck process, but encourage employees to come up with their best creation possible to be in with a chance of winning a prize funded by the company or a sponsor.

Get everyone involved

A staff party is all about bringing everyone together in a fun and relaxed environment, that is not typical of their usual busy routine. If you get every single willing staff member involved in all aspects of organising and hosting the event, your next staff party this summer will surely be a booming success! Who knows - you might even discover that you have an amazing DJ, cook or party planner in your workforce!  

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