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7 Content marketing tips for absolute beginners

by Yellow

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Content marketing is important for all types of businesses. In today's fast-paced world, consumers prefer reading interesting articles or watching immersive videos rather than reading traditional advertorials. But what is content marketing, you might ask? It's essentially creating content with a particular strategy in mind. The aim can be to boost web traffic, to attract new customers or to increase brand awareness. They say that content is king. So give it the crown it deserves by following these 7 tips, that even an amateur content marketer can put into practice!

Identify your ideal platforms

 Before you start producing content, you need to know where you're going to post it. Potential customers and clients alike will be browsing through your content online before they decide to do business with you. Research the available platforms, keeping in mind the audience you'd want to be interacting with your content. It's also important to choose platforms that can help you actively engage with your followers.

Bonus tip:
Get online influencers on your side. Commissioning renowned bloggers to write content for you can be extremely beneficial.

Publish the right kind of content

 Storytelling marketing is the best technique to grasp people's attention. Don't write content just for the sake of writing it. Always provide your audience with value. Give them content worth reading based on your personal experience or what your business has learnt, such as beneficial hacks and tricks. Remember to publish content that is aligned with your goals, as well as visually-pleasing so that it's readable and shareable.

Use good titles for SEO

An effective content title is essential
. It will help search engines understand what your content is really about, and enable social media sites to understand what you're sharing. This will ensure an increase in the amount of clicks and online visits your website will get. As a result, more people will end up browsing other sections of your website, and all because they would have initially been led there by your content.

Bonus tip:
Use Google AdWords, an accurate keyword planner that can help you choose the best titles for your content, ensuring optimum SEO performance.

Bring your content directly to customers

 Now that you've hit the publish button, don't expect potential customers to break the internet looking for your website. When you produce content, you need to promote it as best you can, so that it gets the attention it deserves. From newsletters and social media 
postings, to encouraging subscriptions to your website's RSS feed, there are many different risk-free ways to promote your content. Social media promotion is often best, producing fast and immediate results.

Bonus tip: 
Consider purchasing a mini-site on Yellow! With a few clicks, potential customers can find everything they want to know about your business, including your key content. It's a very affordable service, and will surely help you stand out online.

Be time-smart with your content publishing

 It might go without saying that posting content regularly is important to help keep the momentum going strong. Once you get the hang of marketing your content, according to what works best for you, it can be a good idea to publish content on fixed dates and times. With a pre-planned publishing calendar, you can organise your time better and build a reliable list of loyal followers.

Keep tabs on your competitors' content

 Everyone is producing online content nowadays. To rise to the top, you need to look at what your potential competitors are 
doing, and do it better. Head over to Google or Facebook, and see what type of content is the most popular with the audience that you want to target. Take note of what competitors are doing in terms of length, quality and format, and think of how your content can surpass what they are already publishing.

Review your content's results

 Increasing conversions should be the main reason for your business to keep creating online content. Conversions can range from increasing email subscribers to more clicks on your
banner ads, or possibly a rise in your product sales and service bookings. If your content is not successfully converting into this kind of progress, act fast and improve your content strategy.   Content marketing is all about grabbing the attention of the right online audience, and successfully engaging them through meaningful content about your business. Good content will get you more targeted visits from search engines and improve your SEO, so it's worth looking into! Let's make your users happy, whilst welcoming new online customers, with some killer content!

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