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5 Ways to keep your employees motivated

by Yellow

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Motivated employees are key to keeping your business alive. Although everyone likes receiving a paycheque at the end of the month, money alone isn't enough to encourage employees to keep working hard and improving. Here are 5 ways to keep your employees motivated by ensuring they enjoy working for you and feel appreciated.

Prioritise communication

Communicating your vision to your employees effectively is one of the most important roles of any manager. The trick is - communication that bounces back like a boomerang. Give your employees the information they need to carry out their work, and ask them for feedback and suggestions. Offer praise and constructive criticism frequently, and share your company's achievements and problems with them. Your employees might be able to offer a solution to your issue. 

Create a positive working environment

best working environment is a place that puts employees at ease, but also encourages them to be productive. Be open to listening to what they have to say, and allow them to admit their mistakes without fearing humiliation.

Give them assignments that take them out of their comfort zone, if you think they'd be up for it, and introduce the importance of teamwork. This is how you can make work challenging and fun, both for yourself and your employees!

Bonus tip: 
Avoid routine to make sure boredom doesn't set in. Be creative and think of new spins on old tasks. Don't enforce a rigid schedule onto your staff. Understand that, like you, they are human beings who will have their good days and their bad days - and who will suffer from procrastination every once in a while.

Incentivise your employees

Recognising your employees' efforts can make all the difference. And we're not necessarily talking about a raise or a promotion.

Acknowledging the employee of the month, paying for a training workshop, or drawing the team's attention to great work during your weekly staff meeting - are all simple but powerful ways to make your employees feel appreciated.

Be supportive and respectful

Leadership is crucial to employee motivation. As a supportive leader, work closely with your staff and present yourself to them as a close-to-home role model. Be fair with your employees and treat them the same way you would want to be treated if you were in their shoes.

And don't judge them hastily if they make a mistake. Allow them to recognise and learn from their mistakes. That is how they will keep growing and improving. 

Empower your employees

Give your team the opportunity to express themselves and share with each other their goals and aspirations. This will make them feel valued as individuals who all bring something different, but equally important, to the table.

Bonus tip: Whenever possible, let employees define their own duties. If they take on work that interests and inspires them, which at the same time still needs to be done, your company will benefit from this creative freedom.  

As a manager or director, your objective should be to establish a working environment that advocates and rewards the hard work and innovation of the people who keep your business functioning on a daily basis.

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