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5 Reasons why your business needs a mini-site on Yellow

by Yellow 418 Days

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In this day and age it's impossible to do business without having a strong online presence. This includes building a website, being active on social media and engaging with your audience. People turn to the internet in order to find information, therefore, the easier you are to find, the more likely your business will succeed. However, having an online presence also includes some costs. You've got to spend money to make money. That's just the way it is when it comes to marketing. Fortunately for you, businesses in Malta and Gozo have an easier and more affordable option — a mini-site on Yellow.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a mini-site on Yellow.

Your business will receive a one-stop-shop service

Your Yellow mini-site will include all the necessary information about your business. You can list your services, showcase your brands and products, as well as spark up your mini-site with attractive images and videos. Most importantly, the right audience will have direct access to your contact information and opening hours, making you easier to find on our web and our Yellow app. A yellow-mini site is also designed to be mobile-friendly, which means it's great to use on mobile. These days, people use their smartphones as much as a computer, and apps as much as a normal website. Luckily, your Yellow mini-site is perfect for all devices; mobile, tablet, laptop and good old PC.

Check out our live demo to get an idea of what a Yellow mini-site looks like.

Your business will rank better online

Yellow.com.mt has a strong authority in the eyes of major search engines like Google. Having a mini-site on our platform will also mean that your business will rank higher on any search engine results page (SERP). This means what when your local customer turns to Google and types in "pet shop in Malta”, your business will have the potential to appear at the top of the page when having a mini-site on Yellow with better and organic search engine optimisation (SEO). You know that saying about "it's all about who you know”? Well, the same thing applies for businesses online. Hence, if you're associated with a popular site (such as ours), you'll rank higher too.

You will be part of the local family

That's right! You'll be rocking with the best. Locals, tourists and expats all turn to Yellow in order to find what they're looking for on the Maltese Islands. Research shows that 51% of Maltese locals turn to Yellow first when searching for businesses. That's more than half the population. We provide high-quality services that are on par with international standards, yet with a friendly, local touch. The Maltese Islands is a niche business market, it's small and specific. Hence, you need to have the right people finding the right businesses. This also means local support.

Millions of users will find your mini-site

Our Yellow search platform has thousands of people searching for products and services in Malta and Gozo each day. Over 920,000 individuals used the Yellow site to search for products or services in the past year alone. What's even more interesting is that in the last year, over 2 million Google searches for businesses in Malta found results on yellow.com.mt and of those, 80% made a purchase. This means that even when Googling, people ended up on Yellow. This kind of traffic will guarantee that you will reach the right local audience you're after, increasing sales and profits.

You can avoid expensive costs

Having a mini-site on Yellow is definitely more affordable than creating your own website from scratch. You will not have to go through a design process, worry about coding or things like UX and UI and most of all, you won't have to worry about hosting your site on an expensive server. Generally, these are all very high costs. However, Yellow takes care of everything for you and at a very competitive price. It's safe to say that a mini-site on Yellow is the best bang for your buck on the Maltese Islands.

So, what do you think? A mini-site on Yellow will bring you maxi-results.

Are you ready to create a strong online presence for your local business?

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