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Your favourite tips from 2018

by Yellow

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As we have a look at your favourite tips from 2018 a clear picture emerges: You guys love to discover local. And we love you for it! The highest ranking articles were those in which we uncovered the unexplored spots around Malta and Gozo. You also enjoyed reading about anything traditionally Maltese - from recipes and home remedies to ghost stories.

We’re very excited about this because we too believe in the beauty of all things Maltese and Gozitan. We can’t wait to continue discovering more local with you in the year ahead. 



Malta and Gozo may be small in size, but they’re packed with gorgeous places to see and interesting things to learn. It’s no wonder that, amongst the most-read tips of the year were a couple that put the spotlight on the unexplored corners of the islands.


More Maltese & Gozitan villages worth exploring 

The bigger towns, together with their landmarks, are usually the first places we think of when we talk about the Maltese islands with foreign friends and relatives. However, many smaller villages have a unique charm that often goes unnoticed. This sequel tip uncovered the beauty of these underappreciated villages. 


Best picnic spots in the Maltese islands

When it comes to picnics, there are more places to go than Ta’ Qali or Buskett. Our islands are flooded with fantastic picnic locations known to very few people. In this tip we brought you seven of the best picnic spots to enjoy with your family or friends on a gorgeous sunny day.


Most underappreciated churches

There are over 350 churches and chapels scattered around the Maltese islands. Each one comes with a rich story of devotion and dedication - to a village, a religion, a cause or a saint. We focused on some of the lesser known churches and chapels, many of which played some part in shaping Malta’s history.


Affordable destinations for Maltese travellers

Living on an island located bang in the middle of the Mediterranean comes with geographic benefits. Many of us take advantage of this to explore new countries, but most of us also have a limited budget. Here were beautiful destinations that could be surprisingly affordable for Maltese holidaymakers to visit.



The Maltese are undoubtedly a house-proud nation. We love returning home to a comfortable place after a long day out. And we dedicate lots of time and energy to keeping our home clean and cosy. 


Cheap and clever ways to clean your kitchen 

It’s a known fact of life that a kitchen is never clean for longer than five minutes - unless the entire family is out of the house. Keeping a kitchen spotless is one of the biggest challenges home owners face. From easy ways to clean your microwave to effortlessly degreasing the oven, we brought you some amazing hacks to help you clean your kitchen fast and at no extra cost! 


Preparing your home for winter weather 

Malta’s winters are not freezing cold. However, the island experiences a humid sort of chill that infiltrates through walls and clothes - and into our bones. As the weather gets colder, we want to ensure our homes are equipped to keep us warm and dry. Here’s what you need to do to ensure your home is ready for Malta’s cold season.



Every nation comes with a range of traditional dishes that locals love and are proud of. Malta is no exception. Throughout the year we shared a range of recipes with you - and you always loved them. These were the ones that really whet your appetite. 


Traditional winter recipes

There’s nothing more comforting than traditional Maltese food that reminds us of our mother or grandmother’s cooking. From ross il-forn and mqarrun, to soppa tal-armla and kusksu - we brought you some of the nation’s all-time favourite recipes.


Healthier versions of traditional recipes

Maltese food is known to be rich with Mediterranean flavours. While some are happy to enjoy the recipes as they are, the health-conscious amongst us might rather change things up a bit to reduce the fat and slash the salt. A few simple tweaks can turn these traditional treats into healthier versions of themselves.


Most interesting medical home remedies used in Malta

Over the years we all came across some form of medical home remedy. Some of  these solutions, like putting onions in your socks to reduce fever, are giggle-worthy. But others have stood the test of time and are vouched for by generations - no matter how absurd they might sound. We shared some of the home remedies that people in Malta are using, believe it or not!



And then there was the unexplained. But, we must admit, we were not too surprised to see that the tales of Malta’s mysteries stirred your imagination. 


Maltese ghost stories

Local mystery stories were amongst your favourite reads this year. Many of the stories we brought you were born from Malta's rich history. Some took place in well-known haunted places around the island. However, others were set in less known locations.



So there you have it - the most-read tips of 2018. We’re glad you enjoyed reading them as much as we had fun putting them together - to share the facts, stories, quirks and traditions unique to the Maltese islands. And, if you haven’t read them yet, we suggest you do - perhaps over a glass of Maltese wine as you sit in one of the Maltese restaurants listed on Yellow.

Keep on discovering with us - www.yellow.com.mt.


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